2021 Fashion Trends: 5 Top Trends from Chanel Pre-Fall 2021 Collection

Hello trendies! Today Trendbook shares with you another design ideas, this time from fashion! Check out 2021 Fashion Trends: 5 Top Trends from Chanel Pre-Fall 2021 Collection.

Recently, the iconic fashion house, Chanel, has launched its new collection, the Pre-Fall 2021 season. Trendbook shares 5 top trends spotted at their fashion show.

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Check Patterns

Like a chessboard game, this pattern will be back in trend with black and white minimalist colours. This time the “Chanel Metiers D’Art” combines it with fall tones.

Neon/Satin Leggings

The 2021 fashion trend mostly seen through the entire fashion show, a consequence of 70s/80/90s design with the neo of neon colours, satin or lycra, underneath exquisite garments.

2021 Fashion Trends

2021 Fashion Trends


The intimate clothing goes out, with a luxury touch. A part related to wellness moto for 2021 fashion trends.

2021 Fashion Trends

Black is back

In fact, black is always present for embracing newer shapes and designs.

2021 Fashion Trends

2021 Fashion Trends

70’s and The Retro-Modern Design

As seen in previous fashion shows, and from other major designers, the retro design and the ’70s is the decade that will get back, all in interior design trends 2021-2022 also.

2021 Fashion Trends

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