Brown Brown Sand | Color Trends for 2023


Between caramel and a nude shade, Brown Sand was born with a taste of vacations in La Costa Brava, Spain. 

The smell of the Mediterrane life comes with color this time. 
A balcony with seafood view, a perfect gathering with friends, all dressed in linen flowed fresh clothes, in a summer warm afternoon, surrounded by laugh and good energy. That’s how we pictured it. A color that does not respect time, making itself timeless. Passing through seasons, just to change its texture and form. 
A calm, neutral option for an everyday look or a forever home pallet. 

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Credits Solid Studio Wear


An eclectic color, with a vicious spectrum of familiar ones, that combines into a mood of softness and charm.




A perfect example of this is the color of sand brown. This beautiful color is a go-to choice for furniture, clothes, home accessories, and art.

But even with this being the case it is a complex color to create in any graphic system and could end up creating one of the many other types of brown if you don’t know what you’re doing.


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