Casa Decor 2021: Discover The Trendiest Madrid Home

Casa Decor 2021


Hi trendies! Trendbook shares the trendiest home of Madrid! This year Casa Decor 2021 has presented us trendy interiors with Madrid’s top designers and luxury brands. With a curated eye for the next interior design trends. See more in detail, this year’s edition.


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The 56th edition of one of the most interior design events of the world, has put Madrid into the eyes of the world. Against the current situation of this year, Casa Decor has taken place at “La Casa de Tomás Allende”.

El Jardín de las Delicias, from El Bosco

With a total of 55 interior spaces well decorated with lots of trend colors and new materials for interior design. Highlighting the current pandemic home decor, and the latest interior design trends. A blend of technology, home offices, gyms, and luxury brands. Step into Casa Decor 2021.




Louis Vuitton Corner

Danish Living & Nueva Bauhaus

Trend: Modern Sustainability

In this interior trend, designer Erico Navazo, has created a blend of eclectic style with nordic danish origins. With a sense of long-lasting materials, and a concern for sustainability based on craftsmanship and noble materials. A space dedicated to the comfort home living, needed for these days.


Trend: Line Art

GM Group has decorated a versatile hallway with 2021-2022 interior design trends. Featuring the line art trend, curved shape furniture, and light finishings, creating a comfortable welcoming space.

Bio contrastes

Trend: Ocean Inspiration

From Estudio Muher, this interior trend express the concern environmental awareness, specially to ocean life. A trending topic that’s many interior designers are bringing into their projects.



Trend: Modern Retro Style

A contemporary fantasy world that Alberto Aranda has created with one of the top trends 2022. A perfect combination of textures shapes and colors, proper for a modern retro home decor.

Long Island: summer of 1922

Trend: The revival of the 20’s

A true contemporary home decor inspired the comeback of the crazy twenties. Elena Jori from Singular Living combined perfectly the 20s Art Deco geometrics, with natural and contemporary elements.

Ceci n’est pas une salle de musique

Trend: Contemporary meets classic

Impar Grupo created a contemporary entertaining area, with haute couture elements. Creating an exquisite interior trend full of edgy design pieces within a classical ambiance.

De Madrid al cielo

Trend: Wellness intimate environments & Modern 80s

With an aim in creating a welcoming space for living and recreating, with special geometric walls elements as acutisc panels made with recycled materials.



Trend: Curved Shapes Meets Optimistic Home Decor Trend

One of the most trendy projects of Casa Decor 2021. VG Living with Hisbalit has created a true happy room, featuring bold colors and curved shapes, both interiors design trends for 2022.


Casa Decor 2021

Oasis (Ait Mansour)

Trend: Curved Shapes Meets Monochromatic

A heaven on earth look-a-like interior trend that Raul Martins has created. A balanced combination of curved shapes top trends 2021 with a monochromatic color palette.




Trend: Organic Materials Meets 90’s Influence

Javier Escobar has created a unique office with his main influences. The natural stones and also graphic 90s elements.


Niessen Smart Hotel

Trend: Organic Modernism

ABB Niesse with Héctor Ruíz Velázqueez have developed an interior trend on the future living apartment. Connecting technology and decor. A true representation of the interior design trend 2022-2022, the organic modernism trend, for its shapes, creating a closer connection to nature.


Espacio Nometri

Trend: Nature Inspired Environment

Nature home decor trend from Ana Mª Fernández, with the resources of noble materials and contemporary classic furniture design pieces. A well-balanced design that takes us

Casa Decor 2021

Espacio Jacob Delafon

Trend: Home Spa – The New Pandemic Home

Devessa & Agenjo Interiorismo created a combination of a classical space to a wellness interior. This spa-like interior is a true expression of the new pandemic home, a much-needed home sanctuary for the everyday life.


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