The adaptable home during covid-19

adaptable home The adaptable home, during the lockdown home’s everywhere became the most important place to everyone. People now start very slowly leaving their spaces, with caution and now with the notion that their homes have to become more versatile everyday.

Before homes were a place to stay after all the activities we would do, almost like an in between space. But now they are the main space. No longer only the place where you sleep or you dress for the next activity. They are now your workplace, your gym, your school, your overall entertainment.

So it has to be versatile, and most importantly it has to be done in a way that you don’t disturb others.

adaptable home The focus of your design should be to plan for different easy ways to separate areas. This will make it easier to go from individual to open spaces. Another very importante space will be the entryway, because you will need a clear space so you can put your shoes, bag, in order to sanitise you cellphone and keys before you get inside.

Even though clear spaces and functionality will be the main focus, we as humans still choose from an emotional place. And so we are still going to choose what makes us feel more comfortable and happier. Two emotions that should be obviously prioritised during these times of uncertainty.

we still want to be close to family and friends, and feel safe while doing it. A way to do so, is to feel the restaurant mood at home, by preparing your kitchen with restaurant and drinking equipment.

Another way to keep the home healthy is by choosing the right materials, such as new textiles that kill bacteria and surprisingly metals, like copper and brass, that have antiviral properties. And other not so surprising ways to keep the home fresh is using a lot of plants, that help clean the air and the mind.

adaptable home So overall what we want is an adaptable home, a fresh and healing space where we know that we are going to spend time a lot more time these days.


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