Melissa Wyndham 10 Top Interior Trend Projects

Melissa Wyndham 10 Top Interior Trend Projects


Melissa Wyndham 10 Top Interior Trend Projects

Tredbook has the pleasure to share with you 10 amazing interior projects that have been impressing the world of interior design. Discover the works of designer, Melissa Wyndham with her trendiest interior projects across the UK.

2. Oxfordshire Farm House

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Melissa Wyndham impressive design, spans a modern and eclectic style, amazingly performing  a symbiotic relationship between modernism and historicism. Renowned for their versatile sophistication, elegance is definitely the signature of her interior style aesthetic.

3.Chelsea Townhouse

Melissa Wyndham 10 Top Interior Trend Projects

Founded in 1985, Melissa Whyndham  Ltd has across the years develop an indisputable reputation fomenting and practicing an inimitable decor style. Leading UK’s interior design market. 

4. Belgravia House

From impressive modernist apartments to flawless English Country Houses and Private Residences, Melissa present us with the best of both worlds. In Timeless looks and flexible spaces, decor incorporates clever and rich textures imbued in the very best of traditional English style legacy with a fun and edgy contemporary twist. 

5. Dorset Manor

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6. Petworth

Melissa Wyndham 10 Top Interior Trend Projects

With ultimate interest in elegance, Melissa’s approach to interior designing reveals a detailed oriented mindset and focus in unique interior creations, artfully balance the traditional aesthetic with a perfect curation of contemporary design and art.  

7. Kesington House

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8. Chelsea Flat

Her projects are characterized by its odd furniture selections and historical looks with the use of cream colors and bold accents of contrasting appointments in textures and fabrics. Recalling the ultimate English Style with unique combinations. It’s impossible not to fall in love with all the cultural infusions and personal touches that invite every single one into a one of a kind journey.

9.Lismore Castle

Melissa Wyndham 10 Top Interior Trend Projects

Following dynamic and interesting interventions, Melissa’s home decor is both unexpected and eye-catching. Demonstrating beautifully, how to perfectly harmonize rich textiles and textures with colorful ceramics. A  honor movement of perpetuating handcrafted techniques. 

10. Nothing Hill Flat

Melissa Wyndham 10 Top Interior Trend Projects

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