Trendbook Forecast 22I23: New Book Preview

Hi trendiess! We’re now pre-launching the next trendbook! The Trendbook Forecast 22|23 consists of over 200 pages of inspirations across 4 macro and 12 micro-trends. Hope you feel excited as we do right now, see more in detail what’s next in interior design and in fashion!


You can find color combinations, textile and material trends and a selection of interior design projects. This forecast will also include fashion trends and exclusive moodboards carefully created for your inspiration.

Trendbook Forecast 22I23

Trendbook Forecast 22I23

This is a preview only, by downloading you are submitting to be part of a early list that will receive in first hand the upcoming book. Stay ahead when it comes to the latest trends by forecasting the future of design.



In this Trendbook Forecast 22I23, there’s a partnership with the amazing architect Luiza Rios Brasil.

Trendbook Forecast 22I23

Minimalism is all around us. It is functional, no extras, no waste, every element, including shapes, color palette, and typography is necessary. A simple geometric shape or form is given the power to stand in for a more complex object or idea.

Featured trend products: COMO SofaNAJ Dining Chair


Trendbook Forecast 22I23

Summer adds a sense of refreshed energy to our daily lives and our homes. For that reason, it’s important to have a brand new home decor for this time of the year.

Featured trend products: HELIOS Mirror, Xisto Rug, Dandy Sideboard


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