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Hi trendies! Hope you’re doing really well. Today Trendbook shares with the next interior design trends for fall-winter 2021. Explore the upcoming season’s top design trends.




As seen as in the latest fashion weeks, the check pattern will not only be seen in fall-winter clothing but also in upholstery furniture pieces. An elegant element for interior design trends 2021.


The antique classy french look will meet with contemporary design. In this fall winter trend, it consists of the prevalence of some classical features whether in furniture design or architecture mixed with today’s design trends, cause classy never goes out of style. 😉


Green will definitely be a top color trend for 2021, starting this season already. Not only it relates to our mother nature, also brings a well-being sense to our interior. In this fall winter trend, a gradient of deep green shades will be standing out almost everywhere. A new fall trend chic look.



As a COVID consequence, new realities emerge. One of them will be having exclusive home gyms, due to social distancing and a matter of safety for when you’re training. This is a post first lockdown trend, working out at home will be a growing interior design trend.



This is one of the trends that’s here to stay, Also a pandemic consequence result, this trend will remain, due to people’s option in working remotely, a future lifestyle trend will be working from home. For that reason, stylish home offices will be next season’s top redecorating interior division.



This trend is related to the design tactile, interior design trend of 2021. A well-being design trend that connects nature senses to human. Having different textures in interiors promotes a satisfying lifestyle.

2021 Fall Winter Trends

2021 Fall Winter Trends


Earthy and darker shades set this trend. They’re also warmer colors for interiors, and beyond that, those shades are the symbol of sustainability, an even more important lifestyle trend.

2021 Fall Winter Trends

2021 Fall Winter Trends


Inspired in the iconic nordic patterns. This 2021 fall winter trend sets the tone for having a more bohemian chick look.

2021 Fall Winter Trends

2021 Fall Winter Trends



Cold, but powerful! Silver aspect was spotted through major fashion houses during runways for the season fall winter fashion trends. A minimal elegance that upgrades any interior.

2021 Fall Winter Trends

2021 Fall Winter Trends

2021 Fall Winter Trends


A refuge in the open air. Having your mini bar or spa at your exterior zone is a social and entertaining complement for home decor trends.


2021 Fall Winter Trends

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