The Guide You Need: Perfect Neutral Rug

Does your home need a bit more neutral tons?
 has one of the most curated selections of neutral rugs to style any division of your home. From entryways to the living room, dining rooms, and passing by the bedroom, we have the perfect rug to adorn your house with elegance. This color scheme works well in a variety of styles, including coastal, minimalist, and especially modern designs.




Neutral rugs are ideal to complete a room while also adding much-needed texture and warmth! Neutral rugs, particularly tufted neutral rugs are the best choice for a stylish interior. They’re stunning, give depth to any room, and make a statement!





Neutral rugs are amazing for their high adaptability and durability. The METAMORPHOSIS RUG is an admirable round rug for the entryway. Its soft texture establishes a welcoming atmosphere as you step through the door.



A stylish hallway with the modern WHITE GARDEN RUG with a minimalistic design that pairs rather well with a golden-colored mirror and wooden console. This rug is very versatile which is one of its best features.



It is really easy to decorate a hallway with neutral rugs thanks to their colours that fit any environment. This elegant modern hallway with the round OSLO RUG is dashing with the shaggy rug that radiates warmth and delicacy.



An elegant dining room with a neutral area rug for a stylish interior. The white dining chairs paired with the marbled dining table create a sophisticated ambiance.



Neutral rugs are ideal for the dining room since this colour scheme is also quite forgiving, and it hides dirt and debris admirably. This modern contemporary dining area is extremely stylish for its area rug and unique dining chairs as well as suspension lights.





A sophisticated dining room with a geometric area rug in pastel neutral colors with a touch of blue. The rug sets the mood for a mid-century interior design with the help of white dining chairs and luxurious suspension lights.



This colour scheme is also great for a children’s bedroom since it is soft and relaxing colours that favour quietness. THE POWER ELEPHANT RUG is a beautiful rug to decorate the room of your child.



A stylish child’s bedroom with the THUNDER ROCKET RUG which is inspired by famous space missions. This grey area rug promises to push this bedroom design to new heights. This rug fits in every area and has no limit to how high it may fly, as it was carefully designed to encourage and boost your child’s imagination.



An exquisite living room with a huge area rug in neutral tones that match the whole mood of this interior. Create a timeless living room with neutral rugs. You can easily change the furniture around the rug thanks to its versatility and durability which will make it last for a long period of time.

But there is more…
Katherine Carnaby has created a contemporary collection of elegant and luxurious rugs. These distinctive ranges offer a perfect synthesis of innovative British design, finest quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Also, bringing you the best of sophisticated London living.

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