2022 Luxury Rug Trends I With Rug’Society

Hi trendies! Trendbook unveils the next 2022 interior design trends in partnership with luxury furniture design brands. Be inspired by the next 2022 Luxury Rug Trends with Rug’Society, and stay ahead of what’s next in interior design.


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Urban 90’s

Just like in fashion design, there’s always going to be a throwback decade aesthetic in interior design trends. In 2022, the 90’s urban movement will make it’s way back through decor. This influence has started in music, through artists bringing back this style into their music videos.

2022 Luxury Rug Trends


Neutral Minimalism

This is one of the biggest trends well seen in luxury rug trends for 2022, with an aim in achieving trend comfortable interiors for the next interior design projects. Rug are key decor element for this trend.

2022 Luxury Rug Trends



Green Color Trend

Green is the color of nature and positivity. Many things have been written about this color trend. The truth’s a color to stay in decor trends, sometimes with more expression. In the next interior design trends, this color will have a great presence.

2022 Luxury Rug Trends


Gallery Style Interiors

An upcoming interior design trend, people lifestyle’s will tend to create their own galleries creating their own collection of memories. Increasing a will for having their dream homes.

2022 Luxury Rug Trends

2022 Luxury Rug Trends

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