2023 Color Trends I Design Trend Forecast


Hello, trendies! Once again, TrendBook shares with you the next 2023 color trends. With a curated design selection for a living-in-color lifestyle. Hope you’ll feel inspired by TrendBook’s design trend forecast.


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Lavender Cream

This will be the color of the year 2023. A pastel color trend, already beloved by many, is now applied in furniture design full monochromatic interiors. A purifying color, bringing new energy, a new digital lifestyle era.

2023 Color Trends

Red Latex

A color that screams empowerment and passion. This returning color trend is key to the upcoming years, after the pandemic times. The red color trend is useful to prompt new experiences to the next luxury interior design projects.

2023 Color Trends

Brown Sand

A mixed orange-brown trend tone. The warmest color trend for the year 2023. In context with the use of neutrals for interior design. A color trend that calls for earth, organic, and nature trend elements.

2023 Color Trends


Wellness Blue

Blue lighter tone calling for wellness. A color trend proper to create spa interiors for residential projects, inspiring the elements of water and air. Wellness blue it’s also associated to sustainability and lightness.

2023 Color TrendsDeep Green Lake

A dark turquoise more like trend tone. Associated with the retro nostalgia home design trend, and also this color trend expresses a bold aesthetic, interior design. Today, in fashion design, this color trend is associated to outwear and sportswear comfortable trend. In 2023 deep green lake will be a bold engaging color trend.

2023 Color Trends

2023 Color Trends

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