Channel Tufting this Upholstery Trend is Making a Comeback

Channel tufting, whether it’s vertical or horizontal, is the tufting that gives to banquettes, sofas, beds, and even walls a plush look. From leather to velvet, neutral to bright, channel tufts evoke Old Hollywood luxury—and the right mix of color, fabric, and décor can give them a modern twist.

When comes to upholstered its difficult innovate, but you can change the fabrics or introduce more finishes and add decorative flourishes for example. But channel tufting this upholstery trend is making a comeback. You can tuft your bed or a sofa in your living room.


For example, adding a channel back chair to your living room, bedroom or entry is probably the easiest way of trying this trend. You can probably find a desk or dining chairs with this design too. Again, it’s just a little less traditional than button tufting and feels different.

That being said, you can find horizontal “channels” on pieces as well. From a personal perspective, it will work better on chairs than on headboards or sofas, where you might be looking for more of an elongated effect. But to each his own.
So give it a chance!

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