Get the Look | Tulum Vibes

The closeness to the inviting sea, the warm weather, and the tropical nights make us all desperately ask for vacations, catch a plane and enjoy life with a margarita in the right hand. Here is the Get The Look guide that will bring Tulum to your living room!

But the truth is, the lifestyle of each one of us may not let us enjoy the 365 days in the Tulum sun.  But who said that the Tulum vibes can’t come to meet us in our own houses?
As the expressions say “fake it till you make it”!
Here we will guide you through the large options of materials and elements that can provide you with the unique, exotic, and vacay vibes of Tulum in your home.



Let’s start with the elements.

Water and earth. If we all surf once on the web looking for houses in Tulum we can tell that swim pools and trees in the middle of a room are something not new. This is not easy to fake it but is easy to make it.
First things first and the palette of colours is the most important step.
Neutral, earthy tons. Beje, grey, brown, green, and turquoise are the leaders. Clean and relaxed, Tulum’s colour palette feels almost like living inside a coconut. The crisp, coastal vibe is flush with bright whites, soulful rosewood, and rich mixed woods. The love for the high contrast and raw modernity of adobe walls, thatched roofs, and plantation blinds.
While most climates forgo the Plein-air structure of the beach cabana, any local is free to embrace the idea of welcoming nature indoors. Get the look with palm fronds or an oversized photography print

Accessorize with organic textures and subtle forms. Ceramics and sterling silver pieces featuring hand-wrought detail feel effortlessly elegant. Décor arranged in a simple, symmetrical manner, keeps the style fresh and carefree, unfettered by overly fussy accents. Quiet, dramatic flourishes add a hint of sophistication and romance to the otherwise pared-down, chic style.

Architectural elements in the raw, from poured concrete fireplaces to broken concrete walls to exposed beams and wrought iron hardware, feel relaxed and inviting. Playful textures and tile work techniques create a sexy tension of high and low design elements.


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