How to Create a Study Nook for Your Home | Trends for 2023

Even the smallest spot can become a perfect study nook with a little will and a handyman.

In these pandemic times, working from home is a common habit that is continually growing. which makes us start looking at that improvised working space with attention eyes, craving a dedicated space in your home for a home office or study nook with is now more important than ever.
Having the room and space for that luxury and spacious office is not often quite possible
but with a little creativity and some help from a handyman, creating a functional study nook is easier than you think.

But Where?
While custom joinery and floating shelves are the easiest way to make the most of spare space, slimline desks are a great way to transform a low-traffic hallway into a dedicated study zone.
Or maybe you have a dead corner ourselves in or living area, that is not big enough for a reading area with a chaise long or the bar that you dreamt of, but maybe is big enough for a nook.

The key to keeping your study or work nook compact is to look for furniture pieces that aren’t too heavy or bulky. Opt for a chair that is able to accommodate you for several hours at a time while also taking up minimal floor space.

You’ll also want to think vertically when it comes to storage in order to ensure you take up a smaller footprint within the home.
We’ve found a dozen great study nook and home office examples to inspire you to make it work at your place.

by Diogo Reis

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