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Surrealism Design Trend – this is a style that can be interpreted in different ways, because it is a fluid art form that leaves a lot of space for the imagination of the viewer.

For that reason, Trendbook has selected a few interior design projects and the best furnishing pieces from top luxury brands to help you get inspired with this Surrealism Design Trend.


Surrealism Design Trend


The art form was born from the idea of ​​” overthrowing the oppressive rules of modern society by demolishing its backbone of rational thought”.


Surrealism design trend


Salvador Dali is certainly the most famous surrealist artist in the world. The Spanish artist is known for his work that aims at reinterpreting the vision of the world, distorting what is a reality, and this can be seen in the majority of his works.





Surrealism as a contemporary trend is a bold and beautiful approach to design, fashion, and illustration. The approach is rather simplistic, but at the same time it leads to imaginative and creative compositions through geometric shapes and colors, usually used to create contrast.


Surrealism Design Trend


The surrealism design trend is a demanding and sophisticated style. But not necessarily impossible to achieve. You can indeed opt for a totally surrealist look, a little crazy, super colored in an exclusively unmatched way; or you can only insert details inside your room, to avoid the “Dali painting” effect without renouncing the presence of this style.


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