Luxury Minimal Design – Top Trends of 2020


Among the most relevant trends for 2020 and 20201, Luxury Minimal Design is a top trend. That’s right: more and more people are turning to more clear spaces filled with few furniture pieces. The fact is that clear spaces are becoming more desirable for decor enthusiasts.


But when it comes to filling the house, many people are turning to materials, furniture, and accessories with a luxury touch, not to mention also handcrafted and made from purer materials. Trendbook will let you in on four amazing materials that you can use on your home decor: natural woods, concrete, rose gold and terrazzo.


Natural Woods

Luxury Minimal Design


Natural Woods is a luxury minimal design trend that is definitely here to stay. Being a favorite among Natural Materials used in Interior Decor. Raw wood, in particular, has the advantage of having a soft, lingering scent and patinated brass has a warmth that comes from age. If you’re thinking of betting on a more Mid-Century style this might be a valuable resource to turn to.




The use of Concrete is also a very viable option especially if the Industrial style is on your mind. As a matter of fact, Concrete floors are a natural choice.

Luxury Minimal Design

This choice works particularly well in open concept applications and can be a very aesthetic option, adding very interesting texture regardless of where it’s applied.



Rose Gold

Rose Gold is another option for Mid-Century enthusiasts in both furniture and accessories for the household.

Luxury Minimal Design

There’s something about this shade of pink that makes it as attractive as Millenial Pink or even Cloud Pink. This is just another evidence that goes to show that love it or hate it, pink is definitely a color which is here to stay, especially in decor.



Once again Terrazzo has conquered its place on our list of trends! The Italian composite material of marble chippings set into cement used to be traditionally sold as flooring.


Luxury Minimal Design


It used to be a popular material in the 1970s, now returning as a unique influence today in the 21st century. More than a flooring material, Terrazzo is above all a design aesthetic.



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