Terrazzo trend takes over the year of 2019


Once again, the terrazzo trend material makes a stand in 2019. Started to emerge in 2018, and now TendBook shares with you how you can apply this trend in many design fields.

Traditionally, with its Italian origin, terrazzo a typical marble of Venetian houses of the ‘500. It was used as a low budget solution at that time, which it put together with scraps of marbles and granite into a mosaic look.

In 2019, we see terrazzo is everywhere, major fashion design brands have adopted this design trend, whether in high street fashion stores or catwalks. Also, within the interior design field, trendbook have seen amazing creations with this material. From upholstered furniture, interior design projects of restaurants, stores, and homes. All of them, around the globe, have adapted the terrazzo trend material.


Terrazzo cabinet

During Milan design week 2019, we’ve noticed several design brands have used the terrazzo trend, a true expression of this trend. Also allied with sustainability design. At Rossana di Orlandi Gallery, there’s been award to young designers who dare to create new furniture design pieces with used plastic. And the winner of this edition used the terrazzo trend finish for its creation.


Terrazzo trend takes over 2019

RO Plastic Prize 2019 (Salone del Mobile 2019) – Rossana Orlandi Gallery


See how you can use 2019 terrazzo trend, in home accessories, fashion, furniture, and interior design projects: 


  1. Home Accessories

Terrazzo table lamp

Terrazzo trend takes over 2019

Terrazzo Rug 

2. Fashion

Terrazzo trend takes over 2019

Terrazzo shirt 

Terrazzo pants


3. Furniture

Terrazzo trend takes over 2019

Terrazzo chair – Moroso furniture

4. Interior Design Projects



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