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botanical trend

Plants can be as expressive as a work of art, so the designers integrated potential plants and vessels into their plans based on suggestions. So dive in in this botanical trend. In regards to the decoration with plants, and apart from the obvious design aspect of the process, it’s important to know what is going to live in a space and what is manageable around the lifestyle of the homeowner. So here some tips for this botanical trend. 

1. Use a cart or bench


It’s simple! If you have an extra surface without much goin’ on, try adding tons of plants and making it a beautiful, lively little plant shrine. Gives another look to space.

2. Eclectic white pots


Using a variety of pots makes any plant area look more interesting. You can paint your pots so they can match in a color scheme like white for example or according to the color of the space. Try mixing up your pots and clumping a bunch of them in the same area.

3. Geometric pots

botanical trend

4. Macramé plant hangers

botanical trend

Adding hanging plants in an interior can make things really pop since it’s unexpected and adds a new layer to your decor. And macramé is the perfect way to get it, and from the other side is so homemade it’s a great idea.

5. Long, hanging plants


It’s so beautiful to have plants that drape down from high shelves. It’s just such an unexpected touch that really makes your rooms memorable.

6. Quirky, Diy pots

botanical trend
botanical trend

It’s so adorable having decorated pots made by you so you can put your plants. Could be more handmade than this?

7. Create your own plant corner


Have an empty space in your room and don’t know what to put in there? Add different layers of plants can turn it into a whimsical plant sanctuary. I especially love how this one incorporates different levels, with tiny pots on the floor, large potted plants, long draping plants, and a shelf.



This one is probably the most standard, but still a lovely option! Get a large plant and prop it next to your sofa or a favorite chair. Instant spice for your living room!

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