French Country Design & How to use it?


French country design showcases elegant simplicity at its finest and, if given a chance, could become the next twist on rustic.

The style is categorized by molding and earth tones with accents of mustard yellow and warm red. Adding in toile fabrics, florals, tapestries, and farm animal motifs will give any space the classic look.


How to use it?

Choose warm, subtle colors

Rather than relying on monochromatic shades and bold pops of color to create visually exciting contrasts, is all about creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Choose colors such as rust and antique white, which will infuse the room with a subconsciously historical feel.

Look for furniture with flowing lines

This look comes from the rural valleys of southern France. Concentrate on incorporating plenty of natural materials. The shape of these pieces, however, is where this aesthetic sets itself apart. French country furniture boasts a variety of sophisticated, flowing lines to add plenty of visual interest in addition to function.

Upholstery is another area in which French country looks differ from other rustic styles. Since comfort is the main goal of this type of design, cozy cushions are key. Be sure to include plenty of plush seating in your design.

Embrace weathered finishes

This style is steeped in tradition, the elements of this type of design have been handed down from generation to generation.

When it comes to selecting flooring, furniture or even architectural elements like decorative wooden beams, choose finishes that are a bit distressed, or imperfect around the edges.

The best way to achieve an antique look is to bring in real antiques.
Add pops of Old World Charm

Accessories are the fun part of the decoration is where your style can shine.

Toile a traditional floral pattern is a hallmark of French country design. Think about including it in your upholstery, textiles such as blankets or throw pillows are also a good choice. Pair it with solids or mix and match with other prints like florals, stripes or gingham.

Other French country accents include decorative chandeliers, shapely mirrors, iron décor items, and large wall clocks. Whichever items you choose, make sure they carry through the same distressed feel as your other design elements.

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