Curved Shapes Design Trend I Moodboard Collection


Hi Trendies! Today Trendbook shares with one of our inspiring moodboards with the Curved Shapes Design Trend! See our curated selection.


Curved shapes design trend


Curved shapes design trend will be featured in 2020-2021 season within interior design. This moodboard is based on the curvature of the new releases of the luxury design brand, Boca do Lobo.


Wave Hammered Stainless Steel Centre Table


Curved Shapes Design Trend

True classics never fail to make an impression and this is certainly the case for the Wave Table from Boca do Lobo. With great style and elegance, it creates an exclusive ambience to your modern interiors. Developed by a Portuguese jewellery artisan, this design inspiration is made of hand-hammered stainless steel with a black mirror top.



Gold Faux-Marble Folding Screen

Curved Shapes Design Trend


Possession of furniture with handpainted faux-marble symbolizes wealth and prosperity. It was a status symbol in those ancient times the design trend for our present furniture makers who adopted the concept of hand-painting.


Monochrome Faux-Marble Sideboard

Curved Shapes Design Trend


The Monochrome console table is a remarkable design trend piece that stands out the curved shapes design trend, in any room or setting. Perfect for living spaces grounded in a contemporary style as they embrace careful craftsmanship.



Bubblegum Portrait by Mineheart


Curved Shapes Design Trend


Dark hair gathered in a copper ribbon that highlights a pink bubble-gum. The artist makes a decisive choice: a clear and strongly desired contrast between sensual pose and irony. A really funny portrait painting within the bubble gum art series, with references to a revolutionary century.


Curved Cabinet Ortensia by Fornasetti


Curved Shapes Design Trend


Pietro Fornasetti‘s larger-than-life legacy would not be the same without his whimsical furniture designs. The rounded silhouette of this cabinet lends dimension to the print, which features Italian soprano Lina Cavalieri’s entrancing gaze amongst colourful flora. Crafted from lacquered wood by Italian artisans, this one is both a functional curved shapes design trend piece and a true work of art.


Ozz Light by Paolo Capello


Curved Shapes Design Trend


Ozz works in many ways. Two elements, a lamp and a small trinkets tray, supported by a curved shape reminiscent of a tuning fork, face each other and seem to dialogue in a well-defined rhythm, the rhythm of light.




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