Trend 2018: How to use Black in Your Home Decor

You might be doubtful about using such a dark colour at home, but it can be bright, beautiful and super chic, imagining perhaps depressing Gothic dens or dark, dreary dungeons. On the contrary, black can be one of the most uplifting and smart colours to have in your home decoration repertoire

Black is a much misunderstood colour when it comes to the home; wrongly assumed to be cold, gloomy and depressing. But despite being the darkest hue in the spectrum, it can often add what I see as a dramatic form of lightness to an interior design. It’s because it so precisely defines any area that it’s applied to, and by default, thus draws attention to any areas of contrast around it. For example, when worked on walls and paired with a pale floor, it immediately makes the floor plane feel much larger, and thus a room more spacious. Even in reverse — a dark floor with lighter walls — black so clearly delineates the size of the floor it makes walls appear further away and so the same effect is achieved, a room that feels larger. Which is generally the result most of us wish to achieve.

Black allows you to read whole walls and surfaces at a glance. It frames and focuses; it leads the eye. It does not blur boundaries or diffuse edges, it is definite, clear and precise. And when used with glossy finishes, it also reflects light back at you with all the enthusiasm of a mirror. So contrary to expectations, black can add light to a space, rather than take it away. (Usually the second major quest of interior design.) The only caveat being that light to reflect must be there in the first place, no subterranean basement is going to be magically transformed into a sunlight-infused wonder.

Luxury Home Decor Ideas with Dark Furniture Pieces

Mia chair by KOKET
A classic and essential piece is a black chair, like this Mia chair by KOKET, perfect for your exclusive living room ideas. A luxury retreat with bold and exquisite details. Don’t be afraid of being bold!

A black dining room evokes supreme beauty and elegance. Whether is a black dining table or black dining chairs, the truth is you’ll have a super glamorous room with the black hues!

Many people think that a room design with black walls is too heavy and dark, but this living room shows how this idea is wrong. Combine your black walls with luxury furniture pieces with soft tones and add a pop of color with a statement piece, like a yellow sofa.

And just like the proverbial little black dress, black-lacquered furniture can be incredibly simple, and yet look remarkably chic, and it’ll go with anything!

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