Canary yellow

Canary yellow is the perfect colour to lighten your interior designs. If you want to feel spring and summer inside every day, even when it’s dark outside, this is the best hue for you interior design project.

Trend Colors 2021 Inspiration

Canary yellow

Before starting to play with this bright colour you should create a canvas. Yellow goes perfectly with greys. So if you always wanted a concrete interior but didn’t knew how to complement it, canary yellow is the answer.

Feel free to use this colour, engage in your imagination. From a stroke of colour in your furniture, a wall or even the door this colour is sure to warmth you interiors.

Don’t be afraid to play with this loud colour, make everything yellow and bright. Paint your ceilings, your kitchen, there is no wrong decisions when it comes to using yellow. A explosion of colour on the ceilling can be unexpected and draws the focal point elsewhere changing the perspective of your room. Use this ideia as a way to highlight the architectural feature of your interior design.

Canary yellow

Yellow is a bright colour, but it doesn’t have to be always so bold. Experiment using it in your decor or in wall design details.

Canary yellow

Whatever way you use this unpredicted colour, just prepare yourself to feel happy everyday. Like the warmth of the sun just came inside your home.

Canary yellow


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