A.I.Aqua The Spring Summer Color Trend

Hi Trendies! Today we share with you the last segment of 2021 color trends. A.I.Aqua color trend, is a Blue shade and it’s the key color of the season. Discover Trendbook curated design trends.


Trend Colors 2021 Inspiration



A.I.AQUA Color Trend, This shade is the star of the palette and the Key color of the season. It is inspired by the arrival of 5G and the phone apps palette where we can often find this shade of blue: Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.



According to the companies’ analysis, this blue is the most inspired by technology elements among all of the palette. In addition to offering a digital quality, this saturation works on the human psychological, helping in the concentration of intense activities. Blue is also a color which suppresses the hormones making you sleep and makes you focused and energetic.


a.i.aqua color trend


Blue, used prominently by technology companies, should become more immersive and emotional. A.I.Aqua color trend is also expected to have great commercial appeal.


a.i.aqua color trend