Interior Design Trends 2018: Top tips from The Experts

Between the balance of extravagant and elegance, we can see so many trends along the year we never know what is coming next. Today we bring a selection of color, fabrics, patterns, textures, materials, contrasts, tastes, trends and so much more of some of the best Designers in the World.
Get inspired, see the ideas and the suggestions so you can make good decor with a touch of luxury in your home. Here it is the Top tips from The Experts.

1. Albert Hadley

“The essence of an interior design will always be about people and how they live. It is about the realities of what makes for an attractive, civilized, meaningful environment, not about fashion or what’s in or what’s out. This is not an easy job.”

2. Alexa Hampton

“Design is a matter of balancing different needs and outlooks, practical and aesthetic, masculine and feminine, designer and client, dream and reality.”

3. Alyssa Kapito

Keep things fresh with clean lines and lots of contemporary layers.”

4. Anouska Hempel

“Design, refined and repeat.”

5. Billy Cotton

But tomorrow, dawn will come the way I picture her, barefoot and disheveled, standing outside my window in one of the fragile cotton dresses of the poor. She will look in at me with her thin arms extended, offering a handful of birdsong and a small cup of light.”

6. Bunny Williams

“If you love something, it will work that’s the only real rule.”

7. Cullman Kravis

I love eclectic interiors in the truest sense of the word: interiors that reflect individual interests, and a wide variety of styles, all brought together, in a personal non-formulaic mix, with an emphasis on quality and detail.”

8. Dan Fink

From a scientific standpoint, we are unique. There’s only a handful of places, globally, that can do research as we do.”

9. David Collins Studio

Quality design must have a sense of authenticity. My work is not cutting edge, it is not supposed to be, but sometimes, the middle of the road is the most dangerous place to walk.”

10. India Mahdavi

It’s not just a conversation of yes and no, very well, thank you. I like when colors swear at each other.”

11. J. Randall Powers

“The perfect amount of space between a mirror and the top of a mantel is 7.”

12. Jacques Garcia

“I am a Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde from a creative point of view. I’ve always had this duality of modernity and history.”

13. Jaime Hayon

I tried to make the graphic patterns as simple as possible and I focused on how we use wallpaper –  the size, the colors, the combination, and how we lay them out. I am fascinated by wallpaper and the difference it can make to a room. For example, how texture and reflections function in different light conditions, and what effects they can produce.”

14. James Huniford

“Great Design is all about the personality of the people who live there.”

15. Jan Showers

“Every room needs a touch of black, just as it needs at least one antique piece.”

16. Jean-Louis Deniot

“Luxury is when it seems flawless when you reach the right balance between all elements. Understated theatricality –  that is what my luxury is all about.” 

17. Jeremiah Brent

“The concept of having staple pieces with clean, basic lines, and adding accessories to funk it all up is one that applies to both fashion and decorating. There are so many parallels.”

18. Joe Nahem

Decorating is intimate and personal. As a designer, you have to be able to let go of your ego and design a personalized space that is going to reflect the people who live there.” 

19. John Saladino

“Interior design has always been for me a hybrid between fine art and applied art. I Think of interiors as a walk in still life, not unlike a painter who gathers objects on a table to paint, but more precisely chosen and arranged. Therefore I see the spaces in between and consequently, I am also concerned with that which you leave out”.

20. Joseph Dirand

“The color palette is the same as the landscape. You feel as if your room – the inside and outside – come together is a natural way.”

21. Juan Montoya

“A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.”

22. Katharine Pooley

“The advantage is that accessories, such as crystal and silver, can be displayed in a totally relevant way.”

23. Kathryn M. Ireland

“It’s important that your personality be present in any place you frequent.” 

24. Katie Ridder

“The design process is hard work, but in the end I want my interiors to look inspired and relaxed, not studied.”

25. Kelly Hoppen

“Learn to look not just with your eyes but with your heart. Find the things that connect with you. How else will you know how to design your home.”

26. Kelly Wearstler

The mixture of weird textures and organic surfaces creates an interesting dialogue.”

27. Ken Fulk

Fear is the enemy of good design. don’t hold back do it with gusto.”

28. Marcel Wanders

“Design is a tool that allows us to reach out and inspire, to touch others and help make lives magic and wonderful.”

29. Mario Buatta

I like all the chairs to talk to one another and to the sofas and not those parlor-car arrangements that create two Siberias.”

30. Matthew Patrick Smyth

A city in architectural marvel, a remarkable, work of art, a specific countryside: how can we know, really know, what it is without being there to experience it to the tips of our fingers?”

31. Michael S. Smith

“Make sure furniture decor has a similar scale. It’s all about scale, proportion, measuring, being conscious of the overall plan”

32. Miles Redd

If I see in nature I know it will work in a home.”

33. Muriel Brandolini

“I like to set people free. I give them a hint to encourage them to go with their imaginations. It is the only way that new things can come true.”

34. Nate Berkus

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love brought together under one roof.”

35. Nicky Haslam / Nicholas Haslam

“I believe every room speaks, tells you what to do it. you have to listen to that.”

36. Nina Campbell

“A stylish throw. A good quality throw can last a lifetime and adds a dash of color and pattern as well as comfort and homey quality”.

37. Peter Dunham

Hang curtain, they make a room seem finished. Think of them as the lipstick of decorating.”

38. Peter Marino

I always want to encourage young artists. As the budgets get smaller, that might provide an opening for younger artists and more experimentation. Budgets had gotten quite large for art, as they had for architecture. I’m not going to cut back. The minute someone walks through my door, I go “that’s my thing and you gotta let me do it.”

39. Philippe Starck

“You create your own decoration. You choose your color, you choose your mood. If you are depressed, you put some bright yellow and suddenly you’re happy. “

40. Pierre Yovanovitch

In the seventeenth century, they dared everything,” “Its clean and simple architecture is still very modern today.”

41. Robert Couturier

Some say that in dress, fashions come back. But who has seen, of late, a crinoline make its way down a city avenue? It is the same in decoration. Fashions evolve, they don’t repeat.”

42. Robert Stilin

“I like the very simple and very strong, whatever the provenance I wouldn’t buy a thonet chair simply because it’s a thonet chair, I’d buy it because I like the texture and the materials.”

43. Ryan Korban

I believe in something becoming your signature that says to me that you are consistent and therefore loyal.”

44. Stephen Sills

Things needn’t be expensive, but materials must exude honesty.”

45. Thom Filicia

“Country is open roads, local produce, the warmth of the fire, relaxed aspirations, happy dogs, comfortable finishings, honest materials, a fabulous boat, and of course the casual, yet exuberant laughter of friends.”

46. Timothy Corrigan

“The most welcoming spaces are those that are interesting but not overpowering.”

47. Todd Alexander Romano

Great Design is really about refining the perfect balance between function & beauty.”

48. Tom Dixon

I design for longevity, and I want something to be anti-fashion”

49. Tom Scheerer

When any color scheme is taken too seriously, it loses its power. You need to know when to pull back.”

50. Victoria Hagan

I like a space to be beautiful, livable and always have a touch of the inexpensive.”

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