Top 10 March Trends I Home Decor Tends 2022

Top 10 March Trends


Discover home decor trends for the month of March, with the latest home decor trends forecasting 2022.


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1 Colorfull Interiors

Colors make part of our lives. each one represents a different energy. In this Top 10 March interiors will be more fully colored.

2 Free Standing Bathtubs

Having a free-standing bathtub gives a more elegant look giving another dimension to a bathroom.


3 Mineral Decor Elements 

Nature inputs into our decor, minerals will have a stand out whether in furniture design or in a room design.

4 Neutral Minimalism 

Neutral, cream tones such as beige and brown are the new era for minimalism.

5 Nature Meets Classic

A great combo to bring modernism to classic interiors by introducing green elements.


6 Over Tufted Seating

Jus the regular armchair or sofa ain’t enough, with over tufting seating, it increases the sense of comfort and wellbeing.

7 Pattern Floors

Plain walls with bold patterned floors are also a trending topic for march decor trends.

8 Seating Corners

Or nooks as refer, this is an important extra area for having a better utilization of a home decor trend, for reading corners mostly.

9 Zen Interiors 

Influenced by the japandi style, this is a top trend with an oriental style that embraces minimalism and nature-inspired environments.

10 March Trend Product

Boma Sideboard I Caffe Latte








Trendbook’s top trend product of march, has selected the Boma Sideboard from Caffe Latte. For it’s a combo of neutral minimal tones combined with natural organic elements.

All credits to owners.


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