Top 10 June Trends I Interior Design Trends 2022

Top 10 June Trends

Hi trendies! Check Trendbook Top 10 June Trends. With home decor trends for the month of June, featuring the latest interior design trends 2022.


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1 Classical Decorating Features

The Classicism style is an ongoing trend with an aim to recreate antique or classical architectural interiors with contemporary interior decor, combining the next trends in design.

Top 10 June Trends

2 Contemporary Farmhouse

Not a typical farmhouse, this top 10 June trend expresses a contemporary approach to farmhouses, with Avant-guard decor elements.

Top 10 June Trends

3 Deep blue

An ocean-conscious awareness, many interior designers are using deep blue color trend not only for its elegant symbolism, but also for the increasing awareness in preserve the oceans, early seen this trend also in fashion.

Top 10 June Trends

4 Eye-Popping Decor Elements

A decor trend that makes you stare at a room. This specific June decor trend tends for the new minimalism interior design trend 2022-2023, featuring extravagant design pieces that make a division.

Top 10 June Trends

5 Hollywood Glamour Style

The retro trend meets the glamour of Hollywood movies. This is a top trend for the next interior design season 2022-2023. The golden era will enchant us once again.

Top 10 June Trends

6 Immersive Nature

Just like a dream, living in a jungle, but still inside a home.

Top 10 June Trends

7 Minimal Brown

The new minimalist interior design trend is expressed through this color scheme. A blend of whites and brown are now being used as minimal DNA essentials for a home design.

8 Shades of red

The edgy red color trend is a consequence also of the retro home design, comeback trend. When well used, can bring a new personality and energy to an interior trend.

Top 10 June Trends

9 Water Decorating Elements

With the beginning of the summer season, water is key element to every interior trend. It also contributes in achieving wellness home interiors.

10 June Trend Product

Cary Dining Table I Essential Home

Top 10 June Trends

This month Trendbook highlights Essential Home in partnership with Masquespacio trend product. This unique dining table expresses truly the Hollywood glamour with top trends, the terrazzo combined with curved shapes, a true trend product!


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