Top 10 February Trends I Home Decor Tends 2022


Hi Trendies! Discover February’s top 10 design trends. With home decor trends for the month of February, according to the next interior design trends of 2022.


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1 Bigger Sofa Sets

Who would’ve thought that sofas would be even more important nowadays? Fitting everyone in a comfortable way in a living room it’s now mandatory in having bigger sofa sets.


2 Entertaining & Wellbeing sets

The post-pandemic interior trend is present also in the top 10 February trends, having a specific space, whether a division or a specific area of any interior, is now a must-have for entertaining creating your wellbeing space.

3 Funky Chairs

Setting aside the standard millennial furniture design, interiors will have a pop of color and design into a funky chair, one of the trend products for the next interior design season.


4 Full Wall Shelves

For living rooms, incorporating tv’s or not, the current month will have this home decor trend 2022, a texture wall shelves covered with decor elements and books, our refuge for the actual pandemic status.



5 Gold Bold

As seen in the Spring 2021 Haute Couture fashion show, gold is back and in a full figure, so to say. Combined with contemporary design features, this home decor trend can be used without falling any elegance.

6 Illuminating stones

An upcoming trend, a consequence of the natural decor trend seen lately. Illuminating stones brings a sense of warmth and welcoming to bathroom decor, specifically.


7 Kitchen New Home Center Point

Kitchens in the newest architecture will tend to have the main importance, for open wide spaces connecting the living and dinging into all-in-one division.


8 Sculpture Candles

As a consequence of the post-pandemic trend home, people are reevenintg themselves. One is the creation of a wellness ambiance through the use of candles. A shout out for the candle lovers, soy bubble shapes and human body sculptures are a trending topic for February.


9 Statement Art Pieces

Homes need personality to be more livable, for that reason any others too, having statement art pieces are essential to any home decor trend.

10. February Trend Product 

 Diamond Suspension Lamp I Delightfull

The diamond shape suspension lamp from Delightfull is our February trend product. This modern lighting fixture showcases the high-quality craftsmanship culture that is rooted in the brand’s values.


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