Top 10 August Trends I Interior Design Trends 2022

Hi trendies! Wonder what the next trends will be? Today Trendbook shares with you the top 10 August trends. Featuring the 2022-23 interior design trends. See more in detail each home decor trend detailed with the latest interior design projects.


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1 I 90% Green Interiors

One of the trend colors for 2022. Many interior designers are using the intense green color as monochromatic trend interiors.

The Fluted Emerald Elgin Cafe – RENESA Architecture Design Interiors Studio

2 I Grand Millenial

The expression of millennials into interior design. Influenced by bright colors and contemporary design pieces, that are on-trend on home decor right now.

SINMAS estudio

Nuria and Miriam Alía

3 I Integrated Swimming Pool

This trend is a consequence of people’s lifestyle of the new pandemic home trend. Having swimming pools is beyond luxury, people will tend to have more summer private places. Including into their architecture and decor, a refreshing element.


a for architecture



4 I Organic Modernism Meets Ancient Greek Style

Two trending topics for the next interior design trends 2022-23. Busts are now the trendiest home decor trend seen in many interior design projects. Allied to organic materials and shapes, this is the most wanted trend!

Espejo y Goyanes

5 I Pattern Maximalism

In the top 10 August Trends, we see there’s an of integrating patterns to their fullest! With a contemporary approach from new patterns and design furniture pieces.


Elena Lokastova, Pravda Bureau


6 I Pop Culture Interior Trend

An expression of the pop art culture, and pop music into trend interior design projects. With unique shapes and bold color combinations, allied to iconic design elements from this culture.

Studio Job

David Hockney

7 I Strucured Simplicity

This trend relies in having minimal spaces with accent lines in their designs. As an upgrade of the minimalism, with a glance of bold geometric features.

Studio Rick Joy

8 I Suspension Decor Elements

This decor trend brings a different design experience, a more fluent movement to an interior trend.

Designer Melanie Morris

9 I White Oasis

In this design trend, only for white color lovers. A sense of refuge and wellness by creating these interior divisions.

Raúl Martins

10 I Trend Product

Hera Suspension Lamp I Boca do Lobo

This month’s Trendbook’s trend product relies on a sublime, nature-inspired suspension lamp with a luxury approach. Boca do Lobo’s Hera Suspension Lamp.

As the Queen of the Greek Gods, Mother of Nature, and the embodiment of Honour and Maternity, Hera represents the blossom of a golden new era full of life and inspiring beauty. Defined by strong and emotional paths filled with intricate details, this mythological entity is the magical inspiration behind this lighting piece.


All credits to owners.


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