Retro Home Design I Interior Design Trends 2022


Trendbook shares with you the next upcoming trend, the retro home design trend. One of the major interior design trends for 2022 is decorating an interior with the revival of the ages 70s home design, and the 90s home design, mainly. Discover more in detail these home decor trends for the 2022 interior design season.


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The Retro Home Design Style is a comeback trend for 2021-2022, with already a major buzz online.

70’s Home Design

The 70s Style is a trendy nostalgic revival style going in fashion and in interior design.

It’s nostalgic aesthetics brings strong design elements that stands out from the standard home interior design, and from the millennial aesthetics.

A blend of bold colors, patterns and materials!


90’s Home Design

The street art movement that started in this decade, will be back with a contemporary feel.




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