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Following our tips of trends, today Trendbook bring to you the Maximalism Trend. In this trend, we forget the “less is more” and embrace “more is more” because maximalism is here to stay. Clashing patterns, riotous color, vast collections of objects – this trend has everything we love and everything we want in our home decor.

@Nuria Alia

Let’s know the basics for this trend, it has a lot of colors, go and strive not for perfection but for personalization, is a trend when more artwork is always better, go for comfort and add only the pieces of decor that you love, we can definitely say that Maximalism is a book lover dream and you can never have too many books.


From bold color luxurious fabrics, clashing patterns, to metallics and detailed pattern, maximalism has a vast option so you can adapt to your choice. Is, without doubt, one of the biggest interior trends for this year.

When you think about Maximalism you need to think about hues and wild wallpaper prints, layered rugs dressing up bare floors, tons of texture, and luxe touches of gold. Maximalists courageously douse their homes in color and patters, preferring warm, inviting nooks over the stark spaces and make a feature of collectibles and things they already have, which in fact is the busier and better.


Maximalism allows your self can be expressed in a cohesive design style it could be a balance of complexity or a balance of chaos. After all these particular trends it’s all about enjoying and living into beautiful things that surround us.

@Leo’s Oyster Bar in San Francisco

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