Moodboard Collection | Geometric Patterns Interior Decor Trend for 2019

Our Moodboard Collection continues today we bring Geometric Patterns Trends, the most creative trend of all don’t you think? We have seen geometric patterns pop up in homes for decades.


And if we show you that mixing Abstract Art and geometric shapes are possible? Combining organic and geometric shape with some art can give more fun and creative decor, a decoration “out of the box”. This trend is more focus on the general look.


Geometric shapes such as circles, rectangles, and polygons, can create creating structure and clarity. These shapes are balanced and easily recognizable. They usually suggest structure, order, and efficiency.

Wavy lines, dynamic curves, and powerful arches stand in contrast to the geometric, more functional style, creating unique, engaging and attention-grabbing compositions. This trend calls for an adventure makeover to your home.


“The reason for their longevity is that geometric prints and shapes are versatile enough to accommodate a range of tastes and can easily be integrated with whatever interior design trend is popular any given year ” -Jennifer Worden, interior design blogger.

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