Moodboard Collection | Fauna e Flora Patterns Interior Decor Trend for 2019

Written by Catarina Cabral

A trend inspired by nature and that allowed you to have botanical elements step into your home. Fauna and Flora Patterns, distinct and almost unforgotten patterns, merged with the decorative details of flora fabrics, characterize this trend. Nature inspired colors will overall this theme by giving a particular intensity through autumnal inspired tones, forest greens, rich navies, winter wines, and nocturne blacks.
Plants are known to reduce stress and lower certain pollutants, so introducing them into your home will benefit more than just the aesthetics, and is one of the simplest ways to add character to your space.

With this trend we can bring the botanical exterior to the hospitality interior, making them a unique place. You can see on this inspiring mood board, that an exotic look can make the space more alive and the combination between patterns and textures can be endless.
Leafy print, soft furnishing, accessories blended, little details of marble, exotic wallpaper, patterns, tropical prints and the presence of delicate floral scents accompany the aesthetic of the space. These are the best examples to use in your decoration when applying this trend.  The use of vibrant curtains, upholstery, and fabric will give a hint of natural beauty and cohesiveness to any room.


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