Millionaire Trend Penthouse in Monaco I From Caffe Latte Studio


Hi trendies! Today Trendbook shares with you the latest Millionaire Trend Penthouse in Monaco, from Caffe Latte studio. Discover more in detail top trends spotted at this new trend penthouse.


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Neutral Cream tones 

A subtle neutral palette to produce the most nurturing ambience.

This millionaire trend penthouse was design to provide exactly a beautifully decorated and furnished home, with a practical and cosy approach. The neutral tones are in sync with the other open areas, both in design and taste.

Luxury Minimal Design 

With a minimalist and industrial feeling to it, it is not, however, hard to understand where the mid-century inspiration lies.

Wellness Interior Trends 

Master Bedroom is the perfect blend of elegance and intimacy, the Twins Bedroom traduces into Simple, functional and warm environment, and the Office stands for pure focus and concentration.

Curved Shapes 


Multifunctional Spaces 

The Living Room is the cosiest and elegant open space, the Dining Room is based on Neutral colours with modern design, the amazing Open-plan Kitchen is a functional space with a modern twist


Home Office 

The Office stands for pure focus and concentration. A masterful combination of items, where design meets professionalism. A generously wide area, comprising of two distinctive areas: the office area and the reading corner. Designed to be a place of work, its main goal was ergonomy and functionality. The office follows the same structure and architecture as the other spaces but feels like its own unique styling and appeal.





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