Interior designers had enough of these trends

Interior designers had enough of these trends


1. Tiny Tiles

Using tiny tiles can be sometimes a little be too much, even though can be good contrasting for patterns and color blocks. There are always better ways to do this than using the old school way.

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2. Horizontal Tiles

Even though is a great way to add texture, is a bit outdated to always use it this way.


3. Tiles everywhere

There a lot of ways you can use tiles, and a lot of different tiles you can use. Get creative use them in surprising ways or don’t use them at all!


4. Bohemian style

A style that was so popular last season is now feeling overwhelming and dated, a little bit washout and tired. Try contrast and different textures in order to bring it back alive.

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5. Rose Gold and Satin Nickel finishes

Another trend that was everywhere last season is also now something that turns out some interior designers can´t stand anymore. A solution is to change for other finishes like Polished Nickel.


6. Matching Sets

Furniture no longer needs to match with each other, it can and it’s highly recommended that it actually mixes with each other. Try picking unique items, like vintage pieces, to make your space a lot more original.


7. Overly decorated

These days less is more. Try not to overdo your decor, and keep it simple.


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