Interior Design Trends You Will Be Loving This Fall

Fall is all around the corner, why not make a few changes on your home to welcome the fall coming? After researching and investigating, Trend Design Book predicts there will be 15 interior design trends for fall you need to know.

Using faux finishes, such as removable wallpaper, wooden beams, and other small decors will be a cheaper and easier way to make some improvements and catch up the trend.

Brass is a new material that is applied in furniture. It can inject luxury to your room with its golden color.

A refined and stylish inlaid bone will be a statement piece in this season. It can add a touch of artistry to your room.

Matte black fixtures are also recommended for this season. Both chic and luxurious, they will make your bathroom sparkling.

If you want to make your room out of ordinary, you can consider painting your room into dark color. For example, dark brown is the best color to add luxury, especially in the fall.

Returning to the classic will be the main trend of fall. Making your beddings back to the classic style will remind you of the old beautiful memories.

You can also try interesting bedding instead of classic bedding. Apart from bedding, custom, upholstered headboards as statement pieces are having a major moment.

As we say above, the main trend of this season is coming back to the classic. Here comes back an enduring trend: terra cotta tile. It can add chic and comfort to your room.

The role that ceilings play in the home decor is often overlooked. Why not use wallpaper or wooden beams to bring a brilliance to the ‘fifth wall’?

Even summer is gone, we can still extend the outdoor season by changing into warmer fall colors and adding a fall wreath. These will help to create a warm, cozy and welcoming home.

Since many people may get tired of technologies, the tech-free bedroom will be a good choice. The white environment will provide a cozy and quiet place to relax.

It’s never too late to inject velvet into your room. Velvet has an enduring charm for its comfort and luxury.

Woven texture is a new trend in this season. Putting them on the wall will perfectly compliment the space and adds some rustic elements to your room.

Millennial pink is never out of date. Putting a cabinet in millennial pink will bring a pop of color into a room and make the room chic and relaxing.

Dark green will be popular this fall. Even leaves outside will change, inside the room, this color will bring a fresh and natural feeling to your room.

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