Hardware Hottest Trends for 2019


Today TrendBook pull it together some of the trends of the Hardware Hottest Trend for this year. For those who don’t know there are no specific rules in selecting hardware, but there are a few common practices to be aware of, and a few things to watch out for. We will help you with this article with some tips and what accents you need to you to combined styles.

Handle” and “pull” generally refer to a hardware item with two mounting points. Hardware with two attachment points is sometimes used with cabinet doors. Interestingly, “handle” is the term most often used to describe a piece of hardware with two attachment points when it’s mounted on a cabinet door, whereas “pull” is the term that would be most commonly used to describe the very same item if it were attached to a drawer. In this article, we will go to show you the Classic Style and the Jewel Tones Trends.

Let’s start with the Classic Style Trend, from the Bathroom to the Kitchen, this style can fit everywhere and anywhere around the house. We can have a touch of luxury by using hardware who gives values of the use of Craftmanship. Pieces with that touch, are personal and most of all unique.

@Comb EA1024 from Earth Collection

Pull can have the elegance and delicate touche that will make them one of a kind. This can be a powerful accent to incorporate in your unique furniture designs never losing a classic touch.


For the Jewel Stones Trend, you can have a piece of jewelry on your hardware that will give you use this expensive, opulent but extremely luxurious feeling. With a handful of elegance and refinement, you can adorn your designs with pull made with a polished brass handle for example.

@Tiffany Quartz
@Alice Lane

The details on this trend are important you need to choose pulls that has details with an appropriate beauty if jewelry, that has elegance and sophistication, You can feel the maximalist jewelry design unbodied in small polished brass handles with Swarovski crystals or black crystal glass. Portraying with elegance the unique beauty that resides on detailing. Remember Devil is on the Details.


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