Entryways Decor Ideas I Interior Design Trends 2022

Hi trendies! See our newest video and discover Entryways Decor Ideas! According to interior design trends 2022, see Trendbook’s trends for entryways, for the interior design season 2021-2022.


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Gold Fever 

Gold is back and in a full figure, sort of say, in interior design trends 2022.



Brown and Cream Tones 

An online trend topic applied now to Entryways Decor Ideas.


New Minimalism 

Clear spaces with statement design pieces, allied to its handmade process, creating unique interiors.

Organic Modernism 

An upcoming trend for interior design season 2021-2022, using more natural and sustainable materials.

Retro Comeback

The bold expression of the 70’s and the 90’s is bringing a state of mind for interior decor 2022.


The revival of the ages

Mostly seen this trend applied in many home decor trends, bridgerton classic style and sculptures decor of ancient greek figures is also a trending home accessory for next season.


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