Do not miss this Interior Textile Trends in 2019


A true lover for interior designer always needs to keep up the newest trends in the world, that includes the styles ranging from contemporary to mid-century modern design. That could influence your interior decor. Textile trends as much importance as the interior decor. Textiles are fabric materials usually made by interlacing threads of natural fibers like silk and cotton or synthetic fibers like nylon and rayon.

As you can see textiles are one of many elements that interior designer used when they created the ideas for space. So today we bring some Interior Textile Trends for 2019 needed to know!

Hybrid materials


The comforting touch of the natural yarns, blended with the performance power of manmade synthetic solutions.

The hybrid materials deliver an appealing surface and at the same time, they provide the consumer with a clear conscience. Milk, nettle, seaweed, and soya continue to develop as part of the new sustainable alternatives.



The complex but delicate designs are subject to the maximalistic trend.

These designs show an oriental and tropical inspired fauna and flora. Often also inspired on traditional oriental, nearly forgotten techniques and patterns.

Tone-on-tone color


Color pallet provides by this trend are simplistic and calming. The colors provide a counterweight to the overload of maximalistic patterns and complex structures. Interiors are designed in tone-on-tone pallets. Or in colors from the same segment in the color circle. Instagram a big influence on this subject because people love harmony and this is exactly what this trend provides.

Bold Colors


You got to love bold colors they bring us always happiness and light the ambiance. In this trend, you can see from basic yellow to cobalt blue or even passed for a strong green.

Bold colors are taken dullness out of life, they revealed pure happiness. As for tone on tone color, bold colors are also a big influence on Instagram because also like colorful pictures despite some people like discrete images. Two trends for different tastes.

A little Wabi-Sabi imperfection


Imperfect is the new perfect, that’s right! Born in Japan and based on the idea that life itself is imperfect, nowadays textiles find beauty in repair.

Wabi-sabi is also a promise to a more human interior, contrasting with minimalistic architecture. It brings longevity and sustainability to interiors. It feels so natural.

Sensory materials


Velvets and hyper-tactile materials are amongst the most wanted materials for upholstery. Heavy constructions refer to the classic Chanel tweeds. Fluffy and plushy refer to the seventies. Velvets are at the same time strong and glamorous. Plush velvets with decadent or Wabi-sabi shades continue to please textile buyers around the globe.


@Cristina Celestino is inspired by North Korean ‘bad taste’

Yes, you read right, Anti is a trend. Anti-design sites often feature a complete lack of visual hierarchy. Some use harsh colors, disorienting patterns, weird cursors, and unnecessary distracting animations. The overall effect feels like bad 1990s’ designs on steroids. Worse than Geocities, if you can believe it.


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