Discover: October Top Trends I Interior Design Trends 2021

Hi trendies, how yall doing? That’s right, today Trendbook shares with you the home decor trends of October, with 10 top design trends. Previewing the next major interior trends of 2021.


Discover October’s 10 top interior design trends, with a curated selection of contemporary interior design projects.

3D Wall Coverings

In this micro trend, the walls have a statement of their own. With textured nature elements, bringing the environment element in another way.

Blue Finishes for Kitchens

As a consequence of Pantone color of the year, classic blue will be also applied to kitchens finishes, as the new minimal black color.

Glass Suspension Lamps

A touch of elegance, this sustainable material is a trending decor that’s being mostly used in lamp design.

Monochromatic Rooms

This October top trend is for the color lovers. Having monochromatic rooms creates a sense of balance and wellbeing, which is of the macro interior design trends of 2021. Colors share a statement and a mood.

Multifunctional Spaces

Open wider spaces, this is an upcoming trend which the modern world is adopting. In having one single space, in spite of the old room divisions, using just decor elements to make a detailed division.

October Top Trends

Rattan and Wicker Furniture

Vegetable fibers such as this one mentioned are 2021 top trends. Sustainability is key for the years to come.

October Top Trends

Round Dining Chairs

Associated with the curved shapes 2021 trend, round dining chairs is an October top trend. Combining elegance and wellbeing state of mind.

October Top Trends

Los Angeles

Stone Shape Suspension Lamps

A nature element, ready to set the mood for interiors. This is another subtle decor trend to incorporate modern interiors.

October Top Trends

Upholstered Bed Walls

I this top design trend, the bed headboard extends to a wider area, covering the entire wall or half of it. Bringing a comfort luxury interior design trend.

October Top Trends

October Top Trends

October Trend Product – White Newton Washbasin I Maison Valentina

The white newton washbasin is this October’s trend product, due to its exquisite design. A contemporary furniture design piece mixed with exquisite details and high-quality materials. Each element is joint to produce an outstanding pattern and organic structure, finished in a dramatic white lacquer and gold-plated accents.


October Top Trends


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