Discover November Top Trends I Interior Design Trends 2021

Hi trendies! Discover the best micro trends highlighting the month of November. See more in detail how to elevate your interior design with these trending home decor ideas for 2021.

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Trendbook has brought to you the November top trends, with what has been seen within recent interior design projects.

1 Colourful Kitchens

A nostalgic top trend that will set the interior season of 2021-2022, with 70s home design inspiration. Colourful kitchens give you that extra character for your home design.


November Top Trends

2 Contemporary Street Style

Embracing urban aesthetics into interior design, this is a November top trend seen in the latest interior design projects.


November Top Trends


3 Green and Gold

The green well being color meets the luxurious gold appeal. This exquisite combo, has letely been an interior design trend for 2021.

November Top Trends


4 Hand Drawing Panels

An upcoming trend started with the face line art trend. And now evaluated the drawing design into wall and decor.

November Top Trends

5 Neon Light Features

A decor trend that features the 90s home design, interior design trend of the season 2021-2022.

November Top Trends

6 Opal Glass Light

November Top Trends

7 Recreative Spaces – Home offices

November Top Trends

8 Wallpaper In Ceilings

Unusual decor trend that is getting its followers now, wallpaper in the ceiling is an upcoming trend.

November Top Trends

9 Water Effect Decoration

Silver hammered brass turning into water effect decoration. This unusual trend will have its growth to the calm feel of water. And a more effective way in incorporating the water element in any interior design project.

10 November Trend Product – Zelda Single Sofa

This time Trendbook highlights this unique piece from Essential Home. Featuring the curved shapes trend. The Zelda Single Sofa redefines the limits of the new modern design perspective.

November Top Trends

November Top Trends


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