Disco Ball Trend Teams Up With Kelly Wearstler & Rotganzen!

Hii trendies! TrendBook shares with you a hot trend alert! The disco ball trend comes back with the new collab collection between Kelly Wearstler & Rotganzen. See more in detail about this sparkling 2022 interior design trend.


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Kelly Wearstler teamed up with Dutch art collective Rotganzen and presented a special edition of “Quelle Fête”, with five melting disco balls, inspired by the city of Los Angeles. This collaboration is the introduction of the expansion of her studio e-commerce, which from now on, will feature the work of artistscraftspeople, and other creatives, alongside her regular furniture and lighting collection.


The collection was announced on Intragramas feeds, and it was already a trending topic! The top interior designer, Kelly Wearstler shows standing atop a stack of wood shipping crates, each tagger with a spray-painted logo that reads “Rotganzen for Kelly Wearstler”.

Working with all these artisans, you learn – and that’s the beauty of being a creative – It’s infinite, and you just keep expanding your mind and horizons and falling in love with new things.



Kelly Wearstler discover Roteganzen’s melting disco balls three years ago, on Instagram, and instantly fall in love. She quickly bought a piece for her home, and then regularly choose the collective’s work into her projects. The collectible piece stands in her entry vestibule, and during parties, the American designer moves the amazing piece into the home’s buzzier areas as a conversation piece.

This notable Disco Ball Trend evoke the city of Los Angeles, Kelly Wearstler’s home.

New collaborations are planned to unveil on the online shop, opening this platform to new horizons, expanding its reach through exclusive collaborations.

Five mosaic works were created for this exclusive collection, with Rotganzen’s unique mirrored surfaces and melted forms.

There’s the wall-hung LA Women, the Tiffany Queen, the overlapping Sunset People, and the Cracked Actor. Each one of these designs will be available in limited editions of 10, except the smaller one, called Tiny Dancer, which will have 150.

The melting Trend Disco Balls are now available at her (Kelly Wearstler’s) online store.


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