2021 Design Trends that are here to stay

2021 Design Trends that are here to stay


A space that’s designed with big groups and family in mind. A space that has a sense of community, that can be transformed into different things. Something perfect for the times we are living. Since we are now sharing the same spaces for different purposes, what better than to have a place that feels welcoming and warm, stable, and prepared for everyone.  That warm feeling is here to stay because home should be our safe space.


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2. Senses

Rooms should have the human experience always in mind. The last year was all about being inside, and we can see that the future brings us a lot more of that. So we should focus on improving our comfort and senses, making our houses the most delightful experience.

3. Playfulness and joy

After a year full of unexpected events, and unforeseen days, we all need playfulness and joy in our lives. Bringing back the Memphis Art Movement, that is full of playful shapes and colours we can create the most joyful rooms. This is a year for brightness and positivity.   So go ahead and play with shapes and colours, bring humour into your design and into your life.


Since 2020 made us feel all so apart we now feel the need to be closer to our loved ones. A great way to feel like you are still with them, even when you can’t still be physical with them, is by incorporating family pieces. Embrace those vintage pieces, bring something that will make you feel nostalgic, and use them in your home decoration.


A home should feel calm and be an uncluttered environment so you can heal while you relax. But that doesn’t mean you have to take your decor out the door. Sometimes means adding some greenery ou changing some materials to make your space feel more airy and open.


The time to start helping our land heal is now. So we could start choosing materials that in the long run are more sustainable and better for the environment and for us. We can do is still having a sexy, sculptural style.


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