18 Trend Living Rooms To Be Inspired

Trend Living Rooms

Hi trendies! Today Trendbook shares with you a series of luxury interior design projects. Be inspired by 18 trend living rooms, with the upcoming interior design trends. With a curated selection of the most luxurious interior design projects.


Our living room is a really special place in our houses: is the place where we socialize with friends and family and we have some fun in our free time. So this place deserves to have our personality and should respond to our needs.



This modern classic sofa design fits perfectly for a luxurious apartment. The Odette Sofa by Boca do Lobo tells the story of a princess turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer’s curse, inspired by the Swan Lake Op. 20, ballet composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Its sweeping silhouette is accentuated with a polished brass structure and an asymmetric back that offers a sophisticated design and timeless appeal.



Luxury sofa design by the luxury furniture brand Boca do Lobo. The Versailles Armchair was inspired by the creativity and rich decoration of the Versailles Palace.


Luxury reading area with dark walls and elegant furniture pieces. In this ambiance, the Imperfectio Armchair, by Boca do Lobo, is the expression of imperfect aesthetic, the appeal of that which is authentic art that is truer to life.


Luxury living room design with gold details. The center piece, Supernova Chandelier by Boca do Lobo was born from the cataclysmic explosion of a massive star. The instant of a bright star burst that was suspended into a fascinating lighting design. Supernovas can briefly outshine entire galaxies and radiate more energy than our sun will in its entire lifetime.


Luxury sofa design with a unique design. The creativity and rich decoration of the Versailles Palace contributed to the inspiration of the creation of this exuberant sofa. Boca do Lobo opens the way to freedom and the need of bringing extravagant creations to life. Versailles Sofa is made in a wood structure and panels in a manual sculpture, produced in resin and finished with restoration techniques similar to stone.



Gold dining table perfect for a luxurious villa. The Fortuna Dining Table is a shimmering statement piece that unites Boca do Lobo’s one of a kind design aesthetic and passion for Gold. Representing the essence of empowerment, sophistication, mystics, and enticement, the Fortuna features a one of a kind design, with a unique table surface texture and an incredible finish.


Modern living room inspiration with a cream color sofa in leather.The Odette Sofa and the Supernova Chandelier by Boca do Lobo looks amazing in this luxurious and elegant living room.



Reading area space in a master bedroom with a luxury pink armchair. The metamorphosis was the inspiration of the ESSEX Swivel Chair by Brabbu. This barrel chair is upholstered in velvet and has a base in brushed aged brass matte that adds charisma. It will add refined elegance to any living room set that only velvet chairs are capable of.


Black sofa perfect for any bedroom designGeorge Sofa by Brabbu is time travel to King George Island, where the first church of Antarctica was proudly raised. This island is the largest of the South Shetland Islands and this sofa is a celebration of history through a distinctive piece.


Contemporary and modern reading area designHanna by Delightfull is a vintage floor lamp that will suit perfectly in your mid-century modern reading area. With a structure made of polished marble estremoz and with multiple lamp shades made of brass and aluminum, this floor light is a pure mid-century modern lamp full of grace and charm.


Stunning living room inspiration with an incredible view over Paris. Turner floor lamp by Delightfull was inspired by Tina Turner’s electrifying dance moves. This mid-century floor lamp has five large arcs made of brass and a semi-spherical top cover of aluminum lacquered in glossy white or any other RAL color of your choosing. With the possibility of rotating its arcs into the desired position, Turner floor light is perfect for anyone looking for a practical lighting design with a cutting-edge design.



Perfect bookcase inspiration with a mid-century design. The Minelli Bookcase by Essential Home is the perfect choice for any mid-century lover. It’s a furniture piece that definitely calls attention in the best way, providing elegance and space with its walnut wood and smoked glass shelves, as well as a whole structure with built-in polished brass.


Luxury living area design with golden touches. Inspired by the 1940s movie scene, the Saboteur Swivel Single Sofa by Luxxu is a lighter take on its family’s darker design. Crafted with the highest quality materials such as leather and velvet, this luxurious single sofa provides the utmost comfort and accessibility with its rotating feature and will perfectly adapt to different ambiances and styles, becoming a focal feature in any space.


Living room project design with a stunning view. Here, you can relax in our Galea Grey Armchair by Luxxu under the energizing sun! Brought to life with a combination of traditional weaving techniques from Indonesia and Portuguese exquisite Metalwork, this is a durable and resistant outdoor piece.


Luxury inspiration for a relaxing elegant and modern dining room. Designed in brass, leather, and wood featuring a soft velvet seat, the Charla II Dining Chair by Luxxu is a timeless piece of boundless elegance, ideal for a lavish dining room. Blending luxury and comfort into one, it is a focal piece in the Charla family collection. 


Living room design with a blue single sofa.  The Charla Single Sofa by Luxxu is a modern twist on timeless and classic single sofas. Finished with leather upholstery the Charla fits into most interior design styles and can be customized to fit into any color scheme. An item of boundless elegance that blends luxury and comfort into one.


Modern and contemporary reading area design, with the incredible Eye Rug by Rug’Society.


Luxury apartment design with a stunning living room areaCouple Rug by Rug’Society is the most romantic rug ever and tells us that, in our lives, we should never dispense love and our relationship with others. Exquisitely designed, Couple Rug brings a certain aura of romanticism, mystery, and magic to any ambiance.


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