10 pinterest interior design trends set to blow up in 2019

According to the report of Pinterest for this year, we have 10 interior design trends set to blow up in 2019. Pinterest is our best source for inspiration the home trends favored by the platform users are bold, potentially budget-friendly, and sure to catch one or two client’s eyes during. These trends are all about color and tips so you can add accents that make your ambiance one of a kind. Let’s see these 10 interior trends.

Rebel Yellow


We talk in another post about the color yellow, yes we can have a variety of shades and hues that suits for every taste. Rebel yellow or mustard yellow come to stay. And this is a type of color that you either love or hate this hue, but if you’re into it, Pinterest has lots of ideas on how you can incorporate it into your home via accent walls, furniture, decor, and more.

Embrace the bold mustard yellow walls, or try out small accents for a colorful pop. It’s a must!

Fired up your fireplace


Any excuse is perfect to change your home a bit, so you can revamp your fireplace and give it a new look. Indoor and outdoor fireplaces are heating up the more modern and sleek, the better.

However searches for “contemporary fireplaces” have surged on Pinterest, its lovely to see and people can transform their and we’re loving all the unique ways people are heating up their homes.

Spinning Yarns


You can see people are wrapping up their walls in fabric for a textured, artsy aesthetic. This trend has definitely been a few years in the making. Boho-esque textile art, such as hanging macrame and woven wall covers, have been slowing gaining popularity, and Pinterest predicts they’ll be all the rage in the year to come.

Geometric Paint Patterns


You are looking for a fun, fresh way to update your accent wall? All you need is painters tape and a few colors to make this style of a trendy accent wall, which lends a bold, beautiful touch to any room.

Switching to ’metric: If you’re angling for a wall refresh, try painting colorful geometric shapes.



Yes, it’s a material so simple to use in your decor you only need to choose the color or the print you want on him. Modern wall coverings are so in, as they come in just about every pattern imaginable and are easy to put up and remove.

Now you can give your room some vintage style from backsplashes to wallpaper, tin is in!

Grab a Cactus


Cacti are going to be the must-have plant this year, so head to your local nursery to pick some out. Brown thumb? Cacti are easy to care for you barely ever need to water them. Any ambiance will be well composed of succulents.

Vertical gardens


Who doesn’t love a plant wall? There’s nothing better than seeing greenery stretch up to the ceiling, which is why we’re really not surprised to see vertical gardens are trending. Whether you use real or fake plants, you’ll love how fresh and bright your home feels with a plant wall. Vertical gardens are on the rise for people looking for some floor-to-ceiling green in their lives.

Painted floors


Hardwood floor lovers, you might want to skip this trend. This trend is bringing new life to old floors by painting over them. It’s a great way to update a room without splurging on all new flooring.

Don’t tear up that tile you can paint your parquet floors with bold colors and mosaic patterns.

Bold Wallpapers


Here paper beats paint and bold wallpaper with tropical leaves for example or bright prints make a big statement and breathes life into rooms big and small.

Natural Swimming Pools


Let’s dive in into this last trend of the natural swimming pool. And let’s be far on sunny days nothing is better than relaxing standing by a lovely natural pool. They’ are eco-friendly and use natural processes to filter water, meaning no more strong chlorine. All the perks of a swimming pool, and none of that chlorine eye-sting.

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