Preciosa Lighting Brought Magic To Salone del Mobile 2019

Preciosa Lighting Brought Magic To Salone del Mobile 2019  creates lighting pieces with emotion, lighting that connects people, refined from their cultivation of the past.

For Euroluce 2019, the company curated a selection from their contemporary Collections line as well as featuring dynamic and interactive lighting designs which express their vision to connect people through light. Visitors were delighted in a set of four playful contemporary installations featuring interactive moments and sophisticated dynamic light technology. To emphasize the idea of the joy of light, visitors were guided through a sensory design journey.

Won’t you take a ride on Preciosa’s Carousel of Light? Enter the pearl curtain, the colorful lights will lead your path. As you wander through, the lighting fixture above lights up, fading away as you move on. The installation becomes a part of the visitor’s journey, lighting a beautiful crystal path as their exploration continues. To make it easier for people to absorb themselves in the spectacle, the platform rotates, allowing guests to keep their eyes focused on the pearls. Carousel of Light is composed of nearly 8000 spheres in opal, amber frosted, clear and pink frosted hues stretching eight metres in diameter. The spheres are hung in groups of four, almost 2000 suspensions in total.

Breath of Light takes illumination interactivity to a whole new level. Visitors are integral to the exhibition, becoming a part of it with every breath they share. The installation is made from a series of opal crystalbubbles that dissolve into crystal frosted, crystal clear and bubbled crystal spheres. These bubbles create an intriguing path of light as visitors blow into four special sensors hanging on the corners of the exhibition. The technical aspects of the installation allow for unique animations and the merging of breaths.

Pearl Wave’s flow is reminiscent of sea waves, and its curving form, the shape of a seashell. Artists have always looked to nature for inspiration and the mysterious depths of the sea simply swell with possibilities. Pearl Wave is made from more than 700 handmade triplex opal spheres, suspended on gold finished metal rods. The playful chandelier reacts to the happiness surrounding it; when glasses are cheered in a toast, Pearl Wave responds with a burst, or two, of light. The simple act of clinking glasses brings the chandelier to life.

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