Mathieu Lehanneur Design I A Scientific Approach to Design 


Mathieu Lehanneur considered one of the most versatile designers in the world. Displaying a multi-disciplinary sensibility that has led him to ground-breaking design creations. Besides, spanning diverse and different fields – from design to art to technology to science – to bring ingenious products into reality. A symbiotic relationship between the beauty of design and the functionality of the inventiveness.

Particle Horizon

Mathieu Lehanneur Design

Moreover, enthusiasm and creativity are the French designer’s main inspirations. For instance, Mathieu Lehanneur admitted himself, he confronts every single project of his as it was his last one, starting from a blank slate that he needs to fill up. Therefore, his capacities take from his academic education, mostly from his formative years. For instance, then the designer started at the Beaux-Arts in Paris. Although soon realized that the solitary setting of an artist’s life wasn’t for him. Mathieu felt the need of establishing a conversation with clients, being able of solving problems by thinking of definite solutions.



Therefore, his international and innovative appeal has made him the perfect recipient for the ‘Grand Prix’ for creativity. Awarded by the City of Paris, and the ‘Best Invention Award‘ by US magazine Popular Science for ‘Andrea’. Additionally, Mathieu Lehanneur was ranked among the 100 World top designers and influencers by Wallpaper!

‘Champion of intellectual agility in the field of contemporary design‘ – Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator, Department of Architecture and Design, MoMA-NY.

Mathieu Lehanneur Design

Having established various collaborations with several brands during the years – Nike, Veuve Clicquot, Audemars Piguet, Poltrona Frau, Pullman Hotels, Cartier, Air France, Schneider Electric, JCDecaux, Becton Dickinson and Sony – since 2015 Mathieu Lehanneur has been the Chief Designer of Huawei.

Café Mollien – Louvre

Mathieu Lehanneur Design

Most of the designer’s works – inspired by the technological possibilities of scientific progress. Showcased in the most renowned museums in the world, such as MoMA-NY and MoMA San Francisco. And well known the Pompidou Centre and the Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris. Therefore, the last projects – the Particle Horizon exhibition presented at the 2019-edition of Design Parade Hyères. The astrophysical references from the collection’s name bring the human awareness of living in a bigger universe in which micro and macro elements merge together to create life.

Le Balcon –  Air France Business Lounge

Mathieu Lehanneur Design


Andrea – Mathieu Lehanneur’s plant-based purifier. Purifier won the Best Invention Award of Popular Science in 2008, has been created in partnership with Harvard professor and inventor David Edwards. The purifier inspired by NASA researches and created with the aim of purifying the air from the modern micro-toxicity through the use of plants. Also, it represents the common point between technology’s advancements and design.

Mathieu Lehanneur Design


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