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Moscow Design Influencers stand out for their incredible and exquisite projects that are made to impress every interior design lover. They are an amazing influence for the interior design inspiration, no matter what style décor it is displayed. Today, Trendbook unveils this amazing selection from Russia.


Alexander Kozlov Interiors

Moscow Design Influencers

Moscow Design Influencers


Alexander Kozlov Interiors is an interior design company based in Moscow. The studio mostly works with residential projects, where their signature design style shines. Their design identity is characterized by an interesting mix between classic and modern, alongside some beautiful pops of color.


Andrei Dmitriev

During his childhood, every spare minute that Andrei Dmitriev had, he spent it with books on philosophy and history, strongly improving his knowledge. This extraordinary ambition to learn more has influenced his work and allowed him to become one of the Moscow Design Influencers.


Antonovich Design Studio


Moscow Design Influencers

The founders of the Antonovich Design Studio based in Russia are Angelica and Oleg Prudnikov. The lead designer is Angelica Prudnikova, and their Russian office is located in Moscow. The designer develops incredible and luxurious projects, from Art Deco and tender neoclassicism to modern minimalism or hi-tech. Always variating in style, they still maintain the design identity intact through innovative design.


Buro Architecture and Interiors

Moscow Design Influencers

Focusing a mid-century modern vibe, their stylish team of experts provides unique interior design projects that combine joy, comfort, coziness and inspiring aesthetics. Trough their architectural approach and attention to details, their interior design team has completed over 83 mid-century and modern design projects throughout the country! The design studio features three exclusive interior design services (Design, Design Plus and Design Vip) to all project types.


Deimitry Veliskov

Moscow Design Influencers

Dmitry Velikovsky founded his inspiring design studio in 1995 that is focused on creating a wide range of architectural and interior design solutions for high-end residential and commercial projects. With more than 20 years of experience in architecture interior design, his signature style combines the exquisite lines of the classic style with a few contemporary details. From luxury penthouses, villas, chalets in the luxury segment, to boutique hotels and office spaces spread across the world.


Dom-a _ Casa Ricca

Moscow Design Influencers

From classic to modern, to eclectic to the most outrageous, the team of Dom-A is composed by the talented Maria Silver and Sergey Makushev. They want to keep up with the modern times of interior design in the most clever ways while maintaining the luxury and simple upbringing in their interior design projects. Providing a guided journey in all ranges of architecture and interior design, from penthouses to cottages and hotels, this might be the one you’re looking for.



Geometrix is a Moscow Design Influencer that’s involved in the development of the interior design for more than 13 years, due to the expertise and passion of Elen and Michel.

Geometrix strives to pass their desire to create great design projects for every customer, taking into consideration their requests and desires. Their project portfolio varies from apartments and private residences to offices and bars as well as restaurants and cafes, among countless others.


Katya Fedorchenko


Moscow Design Influencers

Decorator Ekaterina Fedorchenko has been designing interiors since 1998. Its portfolio includes more than 100 completed projects: apartments, country estates, penthouses, representative offices. She works for Russian clients and knows their tastes. Its interiors can be made in any style from French classicism of the 19th century, through Russian modern, from New York Art Deco of the 1920s to modern minimalism. Catherine sees her task in listening to the customer, understanding him and creating a house that fully meets his expectations.


Lashmanova Interior Design LLC

Katerina Lashmanova is an interior designer from Moscow that has been making waves on a worldwide scale. Inspired by modern classic concepts, Katerina Lashmanova is all about comfortable spaces, beautiful color palettes, and harmonious shapes. With an outstanding portfolio, she brings alive charming interior design projects that make us want to get up from our chairs and leave.


Moscow Design Influencers


Liza Rachevskaya

Moscow Design Influencers

Liza Rachevskaya Interiors is a Moscow-based interior design studio that was founded in 2010 by an amazing Russian decorator Liza Rachevskaya. The first project that Liza completed, was guided only by personal taste, unerring intuition and inspired by the artistic heritage of Joan Miro and Wassily Kandinsky. Liza later graduated from the British School of Design in Moscow and a number of professional courses, developing all the skills necessary in the interior design business. Finally, in 2010, Liza Rachevskaya Interiors came to life.

Marka Factory

Moscow Design Influencers

Marka Interior Factory it’s not just a team of designers and architects, it is a group of people willing to create a project to be proud of. The team works in many types of projects, from interior spaces to exterior ambiances in Russia, creating and pursuing its own style, innovating and being creative.


Nadia Zotova

Nadya Zotova is one of the well-known Moscow Design Influencers. Best appreciated for her uniqueness. Zotova is an expert in decorating and master in mixing colors of space. She has excellent taste, combining its interiors with different stylistic directions and historical periods. She’s widely considered to be one of the Moscow Design Influencers of the 21st Century.

Moscow Design Influencers


O2 Design Moscow

Moscow Design Influencers

Oksana Salberg – Vachnadze is one of the most well-known Russian interior designers! In 2003 she started her degree in the Stroganov Moscow State University of Industrial and Applied Arts, which she ended six years later. From that moment on, she began her professional career as an interior designer. In 2005, the interior designer founded her own design studio in Moscow that we know as O2 Design and nowadays, she has done more than 15 residential projects in many cities, like Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nigniy Novgorod!

Oleg Klodt

Based in Moscow, Architectural Design Studio of Oleg Klodt it’s a world-class interior design firm, that features a large spectrum of projects for private homes and apartments, hotels, restaurants, and shops. Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova are the artists behind this amazing design company, where they share an eclectic and high-quality design.

Moscow Design Influencers


Polina Pidtsdan

Moscow Design Influencers

Polina Pidtsan is a woman who has been designing interiors since 2008. She specializes in designing private interiors in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Polina’s interiors are good examples of concepts that perfectly combine comfort, functionality and a high style which is modern and classical while at the same time featuring chastity of style, elegance, and sophistication. Her interiors are designed based on the creation of a bright, recognizable image and a thorough choice of color mixture, textures and details.


Studio Vorontsovi


Focusing on interior design, design of furniture, objects and interior accessories, the design studio was founded in May 2005 by the renowned Russian architect, Irina Vorontsova and the distinguished designer, Abramov Konstantin. They work with the best furniture manufacturers, artisans and professional artists in the industry, in order to create the best contemporary design projects for their clients. Although the studio is based in Moscow, the renowned designers also feature some offices in other countries, such as Britain, Switzerland, and Finland and work with the leading architect from the UK and Italy. The award-winning design studio incredible contemporary interiors have been published in numerous physical design magazines, like Architectural Digest, ARCHID, casaviva, Interior Elite, among others.


Tatyana Myronova


Moscow Design Influencers

Famous for her exquisite luxury interiors in the American Neoclassical style, Tatyana Myronova reflects that design on each project, mixing it with a reflection of the outstanding personality of space’s owner. With an extensive portfolio of exquisite design projects, Myronova continues to be an inspiration and a sounding name within the Moscow Design Influencers.


Vadim Maltsev Design _ Decor


Moscow Design Influencers

Vadim Maltsev is an ideological designer-inspirer and art director that graduated from Parsons School New York. His own brand called VADIM MALTSEV DESIGN & DECOR | FURNITURE offers multiple services such as interior design for apartments, villas, yachts, restaurants, hotels, as well as designing custom luxury furniture and architecture for private residences. From apartments in New York, USA to a caviar bar in Melbourne, Australia, the work of the bureau showcases deep respect for the past, bold ideas of the present and purity of experiments. The interior designer introduces innovative contemporary design solutions with his own personal twist and since 2010, the interior designer has been making history in the interior design world!





VOIX INTERIORS’ is a top design company based in the Russian Capital, whose mission is to work on the design of luxury apartments and suburban residences in the most prestigious areas of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Berlin, and London. This design studio employs a team of Russian, French and Italian architects, designers and decorators and has been creating incredible design projects for over 13 years. VOIX INTERIORS’ professionals will not only develop an exclusive and sophisticated concept but provide full management of the project during implementation. With an inspiring international design team, the studio creates their projects in an atmosphere of elegance, luxury, and comfort that is strongly associated with a delicate taste and high quality of life.




Founded by the promising Russian Designer Oxana Yurieva, Y&S it’s an international interior design agency that can be relied upon to provide top quality services and stunning results.

With offices located in Russia, UK, USA, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Monaco, Y&S strives for perfection and takes pride in exceeding expectations, producing enduring designs that combine tradition with innovation.


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