How to Choose a Modern Console Table? Top Trends and Picks

How to Decorate | How to Choose a Modern Console Table?

Ever wonder how to improve living room decor? Modern Console tables are a precious element in every living room design. Today Trendbook shares with some tips on to achieve a contemporary home decor, by choosing the perfect modern console.


Proper for small and narrow living spaces, such as a modern entryway, a living room, a home office or even a bedroom.

Choosing a modern console table improves a unique decoration and is used to house everything from lamps and books to ceramics and artwork.


01 / Surface

Choose the size and the style of the console you want to decorate your living room or entryway, so you can make sure there is enough space for everything you need.

Choose Modern Console Table

*Infinity Console Table I Boca do Lobo

Consider how many pieces and objects you want to display when you are choosing your modern console table.


02 / Colour

There are so many colors and you must think if which ones fit the best in your home decor and which ones are good for the environment that you want to create. Try to choose simple colors, like black. Black is never out of fashion!


Choose Modern Console Table

*Newton Console Table I Boca do Lobo


03 / Material

You should choose a material that goes with all your furniture. If you have metal furniture inside your living room decor, you must choose a modern console table with metals also.

Choose Modern Console Table

*Sinuous Console Table I Boca do Lobo


04 / Decorate it with artwork, light and decor pieces 

Pictures and art-working objects can be a solution. But, all the frame you choose should be narrower than the width of your console.

*Lapiaz Console Table I Boca do Lobo

To make a perfect decoration, you need to create one or two stacks of books on each shelf and some decorative boxes. The aim, in this case, is balance and not the perfect symmetry.


*Soho Black Console Table I Boca do Lobo



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