Met Gala 2021: The Hotest Trends

Hi Trendies! The Met is back! In this returning celebration of the Met Gala, Trendbook shares with you the hotest trends at this iconic event.

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At 13th September 2021, the Met Gala event has returned to the spotlight. In this edtion, the organization has chosen the ‘American Style’ as their dress code theme. As usual, the gala took place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Trendbook shares with you the best looks and outstanded trends at this gala. Be Gold, Be Bold, Be Transparent, Be Impactful, Be Bright! Thoso were the keywords and trends that shout out at Met Gala 2021. In this fashion trend, remarks the greatness and the drama of the show. Well known artists, personalities and fashion designers have embraced the bold gold trend, to celebrate the comeback era.
Big volumes, and out of the box fashion gowns have passed the Met Gala “red carpet” moment. Shimmering, sparkling and colorful shining trend we’re not missed too, one the design aesthetic of America is having some sparkle, there’s no doubt about it. Transparency is indeed of the next top design and interior design trends for 2022-2023. It could not be missed at the Met Gala 2021 Hottest Trends. Being transparent, yourself as you are, is surely one of the next statement. Modern contemporary dining room design with rectangular black dining table, beig and brown velvet dining chairs and green console.
Having a message in those days, a point of view, through artists and influencers it’s getting more importance to the upcoming times. Those who inspires for doing what’s right through fashion, reaches a new statement of improvement. All credits to owners. *Like what you’ve read about the Met Gala 2021? Feel free to share on your social media by using the super-easy share buttons on the left!  If you want to see other decor and interior trends just click here.*Don’t forget to follow us on our social media, FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.
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