Artificial Intelligence (AI) a new Ability to (un)control

Artificial Intelligence (AI) a new Ability to (un)control fashion industry

Let’s start with a prerogative. Human or Computer? In a question of days, a global pandemic turned reality into fantasies. In a world connected by a major network, avatars emerged to live days as we knew them. Digital realm turned into an escape that extrapolated barriers beyond imaginable. Drawn the needed background to introduce and develop existing technologies, to ease process management, AI was seen as an entry door to mainstream. 


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1. Artificial intelligence 

Known as a technology performing typically human tasks, Artificial Intelligence has gained some fashion ground. 

Fast fashion brands and large entities as Amazon or Alibaba are now interested in uniting strenghts. By focusing on the impact that this technology can bring not only in questions of manufacturing as also on sales and marketing, automatizing production chain on large scale and statistically increase profit.

Deep fake Balenciagavia-hypebeast

2. Fashion Transformation 

Although the thought comes often unfamiliar and perhaps reticent considering risks, implementation of AI in fashion industry has slowing exemplifying its assets. Therefore superintelligence defies brands posing creative solutions to adopt this flexible tool beyond the original range of their data language.

Now more than ever AI plays the leading role in brand awareness and market position, transforming fashion industry and committing value to general chain. 

3. User experience . 

Users are lured to a full digital experience. Offering not only a product, brands are consistently storytelling and caring about enticement. Each user emerges as a player and brand persona. 

Aware of common and constant changes within the market, designers had to keep up with the most current trends, deducting consumer preferences and defining targets, with constant factors and influenced variables, artificial intelligence can reduce forecasting errors. The finishing concept it is to surrogate designers by an advanced algorithm capable of anticipation. AI often allows them to deliver the “ultimate experience”. 

Brands and their ecosystems were torn to diverge into this realm, forcing creativity and experiment when it comes to digital influence. Computer intelligence as presented fashion to a new future era.


AI acne fashionvia-Metro-uk

4. Fast Fashion 

The world of retail took advantage of this features, and for the Chinese biggest ecommerce plataform, Aliababa, AI has revolutionized both retail and e-commerce. Through the intelligent use of sensors, systems can recognize products and intelligently suggest and combine outfits as simultaneously managing existing stock.  Deep learning systems, can increase data value by scanning through online interactions.


Alibaba deep learningvia-a.list

5.High-end vs “deep fake”

In spite of we have focus on fast retail, high-end fashion also seems to adopt creativity AI abilities.

Acne Studios presented a new season collection already integrating super intelligence technologies. housands of archived products were fed into various neural networks and generative systems with intentional organized errors in order to create a disruptive look. At last the results were processed by a creative team into a final product.

Gucci also has seen its glimpse of success throughout covid-19, techniques as “deep fakes” had a major impact on society offering the brand a follower boom. This technology can modify existing images, sound or video resources into multiple manipulated possibilities. For Gucci this meant users adapting their faces into Gucci ads or augmented realities in Gucci app that allowed brand creative interactions with buyers. Offering your face you can see all collections from shoes to beauty lines virtually on your own bodies. 

Gucci ARvia-windowswear

Solutions like this attribute allure into high fashion coolness*. Who* wouldn’t want to be part of this restrictive and desired world?



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