Trend Interior Projects by the Best Interior Designers in Rome, Italy

Trend Interior Projects by the Best Interior Designers in Rome, Italy


Trend Interior Projects by the Best Interior Designers in Ancient Rome. Architecture is one of the most unique in the world. From the Colosseum to the Pantheon. Ancient Rome Architecture has been at the centre of the city’s tourism sector. However, the city is fast reinventing itself with modern architecture and interior design.




Trend Interior Designers And Architects From Rome


The 3mq architecture studio was founded in 2007 thanks to the positive experience of teamwork and the sharing of the same guiding principles in work and in life. 3mq architecture places the individual at the centre of the space and aims to create places suitable for the lifestyle of those who live there.


The Top 20 Interior Designers From Rome


The studio’s philosophy is based on simplicity, linearity, plasticity, aesthetics, elegance, light and colour. Constant research that through the choice of natural materials and the use of artisanal technology leads to a correct harmony. The studio follows all the phases of the project up to the assembly of the furniture, passing from the collaboration with various craftsmen.



The Top 20 Interior Designers From Rome



Nobili Design team of talented architects and designers provide interior design projects all over the world and gathered in a decade a well-worthed experience based on creativity, innovation, and originality. The interior design brand offers interior design services and provide concepts for your home interior at convenient prices.




The Top 20 Interior Designers From Rome


“Compact and down-to-earth architecture,” is how the architects of Alvisi Kirimoto’s studio describe the Viale Giulini Affordable Housing project completed recently on the outskirts of Barletta, in southern Italy. The building, constructed in the new Zona 167 to the southwest of the city centre, is a sober, rigorous, sculptural construction contrasting sharply with its highly various, messy surroundings in a province with little greenery and no innovative residential architecture.


Trend Interior Designers And Architects From Rome


Architects Massimo Alvisi and Junko Kirimoto, founders of the studio, have repeatedly addressed the issue of urban regeneration in their work with Renzo Piano and the G124 team and in projects completed in Italy and abroad, even setting up experimental research laboratories in retail centres designed for the outskirts of major Chinese cities such as Nanking and Shanghai.





The firm’s activity is mainly focused on residential architecture, but applies to all types of projects: from smaller residential and renovation works up to larger commercial and new-construction projects. The work developed in New York around the year 2000, mixed together with a classical Italian cultural background, is giving life to a design that respects peculiar traditions and is open to new and innovative solutions.


The Top 20 Interior Designers From Rome


Carola Vannini was born in Rome in 1973; she graduated with a degree in Architecture from Rome “La Sapienza”. She continued her practical education by working in the architecture and design industry in other major international cities including New York and Paris.




The Top 20 Interior Designers And Architects From Rome


COLLIDANIELARCHITETTO is a Rome-based award-winning architecture and interior design studio founded in 2009 by Daniela Colli. Her distinctive hallmark has emerged from a capacity to combine a contemporary vision of society and user needs with extensive knowledge of the historical and cultural roots of interior design, producing results that blend the past with the future.


The Top 20 Interior Designers And Architects From Rome


Her work ranges in scale from furniture to architecture and urban design, with a focus on craft, detailing and precision. She uses the challenges unique to each project, the peculiarities of a site, the specific of a target audience, as catalysts for transformative architecture.





BICUADRO is an International, award-winning firm, based in Rome. The team is involved in a variety of projects worldwide that go from small to large scale. BICUADRO’ s design is inspired by the context, both historic and environmental and aims to be the continuation of the Italian tradition in design excellence. Contemporary design with a creative solution, global vision, and local inspiration.  Inspired by the context- both historic and environmental, aiming to be the continuation of the Italian tradition in design excellence.




The Top 20 Interior Designers And Architects From Rome 1


Bluarch was founded in 2004 with the vision and ambition to design beautiful and intelligent architecture and spaces.
With offices in New York and Rome [Italy], Bluarch provides services in architecture, interior design and lighting design with talent and expertise to a diverse international clientele. The office operates across scales and arenas, and a variety of programs [residential, commercial, mixed-use, entertainment, hospitality, naval, retail, product], and its expertise in lighting design seamlessly appoints each architectural project and each interior.




Trend Interior Designers And Architects From Rome


From the collaboration between Gianni Puri and Enrica Siracusa in 2013, La Macchina Studio was born in Rome. La Macchina moves with agility from territories to objects, redefining their contours through its visionary approach.






Gabriele Salini, the famous name behind one of the major projects in Rome: G Rough Hotel. Beautiful in its historic dishevelment, and embellished with mid-century pieces to add a contrasting layer of cool, Rome’s G Rough is the latest hotel setting out to ‘redefine luxury’




The Top 10 Interior Designers And Architects From Rome


DLArchitcture was founded by Architect Domitilla Lepri in 2006 in Shanghai. After a degree in architecture in 2000, Domitilla Lepri collaborated with various studios in Rome and carried out renovation projects and houses in Rome and Milan.




The Top 10 Interior Designers And Architects From Rome


Artwork Studio is an Interior Design studio based in Rome. It  is always synonymous with quality, attention to detail and professionalism, a studio with an eye to the future and which puts customer satisfaction at the centre of the project.





Interior design studio, Salvagni Architetti is an architecture and design firm, based in Rome, specializing in luxury residential projects and interior yacht design.





DAZ ARCHITECTS is an architectural design and consulting Company founded by Dani Abi Zeid, a former lecturer at the Lebanese American University (LAU) and an incredibly talented architect whose projects have featured in various magazines and books.





Silvio De Ponte, architect and lighting designer, is the founder of De Ponte Studio Architects. After graduating in architecture, the architects worked for several years in the theatre as a set designer, collaborating with various international companies and numerous directors, including Giorgio Strehler and Bob Wilson. During this 6-year experience, he acquired the knowledge and wise use of light which, in his current work as an architect and designer, he transfers to his architecture and interior projects.





Founded in 1997 by Michele Molè and directed since 2008 in collaboration with Susanna Tradati, Nemesi is one of the most innovative Italian studios in the field of urban architecture and design. His original design research on contemporary languages is supported by solid technical know-how.


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